Witness the Power of this Fully Operational Dad Joke

Me: (putting Corona Beer in the shopping cart)

Me: Hey, hey, Son2. Look at what I’m getting.

Son2: Beer? So.

Me: Get it, get, Corona beer? Coronavirus?

Son2: God, Dad, you’re terrible.

Gen-X Woman in Beer Aisle: Ha, ha, ha!

Son2: Don’t encourage him.

Me (evil voice): Witness the power of this fully operational Dad Joke!

Gen-X Woman in Beer Aisle: Bwa hahahaha!

Son2: I was adopted.

The Homeschool Revisited Series

When my oldest was in 3rd Grade (or was it 2nd?), my wife realized that between the time we bought our house in the premier school district, and our kids were in school, the public school system had severely degraded. 

It wasn’t just an academic degradation, either. It was also degradation in discipline, volunteers, staff, the wishy-washy Principal, and even the PTSA. Our oldest hated everything about school–it was too simple, and according to him, “everyone is mean.”

My wife laid out all the sins of the public education system we had found ourselves in and asked that we homeschool our kids. She made a compelling case, and I agreed.

How compelling a case did my wife make? Put it this way–despite her ability to earn over twice my salary, we decided she should be the primary educator and stay home. She convinced me that homeschooling would even be better than private schools. 

So we did.

That was years go.

So, where are we now?

About two years in, we decided to toss our curriculum we came up with and let the kids learn whatever they wanted to learn at the time. If they were actively involved in learning and socializing, we didn’t put anything in front of them. We responded with support on subjects they were interested in pursuing.

That approach worked despite how dramatically different it was from our educational experience.

For example, our youngest didn’t see much value in learning how to read. Wow, wow, wow–talk about making us nervous. It’s the fundamental skill needed for everything. We read books to him all the time, of course. In his mind, why would he need to learn how to read if Mom and Dad read for him?

Then one day, he decided to read Larry Correia’s Warmachine book. So he taught himself reading and writing in several months so he could do just that.

The oldest learned similarly. He liked to hang with older people. And we would have conversations in which he didn’t know much about the subject at hand. Once at home, he would check out books from the library and hit the interweb tubes, and the next time the issue came up, he could talk about the subject, complete with compelling questions.

The youngest decided he wanted to try high school. He enrolled himself (heh) and took two years. Decided it was borning and enrolled in college in a program designed to let high schoolers enroll for dual high school and college credit if they had a high GPA.

His sole reason for going to college? He wants a medical degree and plans to become a trauma surgeon. And have the military pay for it.

Was that a thing, I wondered? I vaguely remembered a program like that in my youth. It was very competitive.

No problem, Son2 said. He already talked to people who did the medical track for several service branches and spoke to recruiters. They said as long he got accepted into medical school, the military would pay for it.

Well, OK, then, Dr. Son2.

Son1 is vastly different in his plans. He says college is a waste of his time and money. Right now, he is studying writing and economics. He doesn’t want to sit in a classroom. He’s thinking about spending his “college” money on high-end vocational training.

The wife and I did well. We get the A+ for the Parental Education Score.

When we decided to homeschool, we lost several friends and close relatives who could not handle the idea and got upset when my wife told them they were wrong.

I’ve concluded much of this disassociation was guilt. Everyone knows eduction in the United States of American has severely degraded.

Facing the truth of the matter was one of my wife’s most significant accomplishments both as a mother and a wife.

She’s my hero.

And homeschool your kids.

Next up: The Socialization Canard.


I deleted my Goodreads account. It was a cool place in 2008. 2006? IDK, I forget. I only logged in now and then, and since I am retiring my old writer email addy (uuuugh), I deleted the account rather than change the mail.

Goodreads coasts on the power of its network. It’s outdated and stale.

I did have success in Goodread ads. But 2002 called, it wants its website design back. And none of my readers were on Goodreads, so, kk thx bai. It was not me; it was you.

Under the Milky Way

The Church – Under The Milky Way

Sometimes when this place gets kind of empty,
Sound of their breath fades with the light.
I think about the loveless fascination,
Under the milky way tonight.

Lower the curtain down in memphis,
Lower the curtain down all right.
I got no time for private consultation,
Under the milky way tonight.

Wish I knew what you were looking for.
Might have known what you would find.
Wish I knew what you were looking for.
Might have known what you would find.

And its something quite peculiar,
Something thats shimmering and white.
Leads you here despite your destination,
Under the milky way tonight

Wish I knew what you were looking for.
Might have known what you would find.
Wish I knew what you were looking for.
Might have known what you would find.

Under the milky way tonight.

An Epiphany of Weeds

Imagine, if you will, High School Anthony.

I went to a public high school and liked it. Although not a popular kid, and I made social mistakes, my primary social circle had nothing to do with high school. I had a somewhat I don’t get a fuck attitude.

High school takes on a whole new light when you Just Don’t Give a Fuck what anyone there says about you.

There were guys I admired at my high school, and let’s call one of them Bob.

Bob was tall. Bob was well-read and highly educated. Bob was articulate. Bob had a hot sister. Bob was popular with all the pretty girls. The beautiful girls that put out. Guys wanted to be Bob. Girls wanted to fuck Bob. It was great to be Bob.

I wanted to be Bob when I grew up.

Sometime later on Facebook (do you detect a pattern here), I noticed Bob was increasing becoming unhinged over his politics until he was making Facebook videos where he was the most terrible of bullies–disparaging women who did not vote the way he does. I could not believe what I was seeing.

I chalked that one up to “rose-colored glasses” about impressional teen boys. I blocked him and his increasingly also unhinged (no longer hot) sister and moved on.

Now imagine Working Anthony. I may have been young and immature, but I was a pro and a tech.

Occasionally, I had dealings with a guy we’ll call Frank. Frank was sharp, articulate, well-traveled, highly educated, and had this great wit. Sometimes, he would post on the old ARPNET groups and the company’s proto BBS. Thoughtful, empathetic posts with a classical liberal (as opposed to a progressive liberal) viewpoint. Frank was great.

Sometime later on Facebook (do you detect a pattern here), I noticed Frank was increasing becoming unhinged over not just his politics but many other subjects. He was about as paranoid–or more so–than Bob. At least he didn’t turn into a bully.

But he was not, absolutely not, talking like the guy I knew. It was as if he was a different person.

And then I figured it out. Bob and Frank were regular weed smokers. For decades. In my drug intervention classes I took so long ago, they talked about this. Paranoia. Personality drift and degradation. Lack of empathy. Seething hostility.

Weed got them. A moment of silence for Bob and Frank, victims of the drug war.

Drugs are bad, folks, m’kay.

Walk with God. And do not fear.

Doggo Unleashed

If you thought the loveable, but moldy old she-cat was my fav pet, y’all don’t know me.

Behold! I give you George, the 1/2 Greyhound, 1/2 Black Lab!

George is trying to tell me something important and wants to be sure I listen.
This is my bone. There are many like it; this one is mine.
George still thinks he is a puppy.
This is George’s Glow Ball. It glows in different colors at night. When he runs around in the dark, it looks like a ball floating around by itself.
My ball. Come and try to take it. Loser.
Snow will not stop me from running around like a spider-monkey on crank.
George is one handsome dude.
Feeling kinda cute. Might lick my butt and then your face later. IDK

Waifu Unit Asks Me About Waifu

We interrupt my pent up ranting to bring you Waifu News, coming to you live from my underground bunker in Sammamish, Washington!

Since I archived my older posts on Blog Reboot 2019, some context is in order: I’m a married man, for 25-years now. To the same woman. I used to refer to her as the Wife Unit, but now, in 2019, I believe I will reference her as Waifu Unit. For infosec reasons, yah?

But I digress!

So Waifu Unit comes to me this morning with some innocent questions.

Waifu Unit: What’s a waifu?

Me: (oh shit)

Waifu Unit: Excuse me?

Me: A waifu is an anime girl, as in literally, not a girl that likes anime.



Waifu Unit: THE BOYS!

(editor’s note, my boys are older teens)



Me: (damn it)

I need to up my infosec game, fam. Here’s the pillowcase in question:

Order your very own Waifu Sparks pillowcase here!

Get some of the best comics released in a long time here!

And if you are still confused about waifu, here’s a handy video:

Forgive Them Their Debts

What. The. Everloving. Fuck.

I admit that I can be unforgiving on occasion. It’s not a significant burden, but a small part of my makeup, yeah? I am only human.

And I admit, based on my past, I can have a lack of empathy for the complainers complaining about innocuous things.

So let’s turn to the neocon-infused boomer lack of any type of analytical viewpoint, much less empathy, over student loan debt. The sneering and disparagement of these people mired in debt are one of the most un-Christian things I’ve ever experienced.

Let’s break it down, shall we?

The Lie of Student Loan Debt

We lie to young kids, before they are adults, that the only way to get ahead in life is to go to college. Their teachers tell them that, their parents tell them that, the colleges tell them that, and on-and-on, so-on and so forth. This message is everywhere, and it is only now that some people are stepping up and saying, “Hey, this college thing isn’t a good idea for most people.”

The Money

So based on this falsehood, all of these proto-adults go to college. Many of them get degrees of some usage. Many of them don’t. And many obtain overwhelming student loan debt.

Let me type that out for the folks who don’t get it:

They obtain overwhelming student loan debt.

The Debt

The debt cannot be discharged by legal means. The government(s) sticks their nose into the process on almost every level. For loan guarantees that artificially raise the price of the tuition to mind-numbing, bank-account obliterating heights–to debts that cannot be discharged like almost all others in the United States.

So now these young adults leave college with overwhelming student loan debt.

The Consequences

  • These young people cannot buy a house.
  • These people cannot get a proper car loan.
  • These young people cannot buy a house.
  • These people cannot get reasonable interest rates on credit cards.
  • These young people cannot buy a house.
  • These people must repay this debt for a degree that increasingly has little benefit.
  • These young people cannot buy a house.
  • And if they want to start a family–they can’t buy a house.

The Suck of Student Loan Debt

So here we are, young people, lied to at almost every turn, settled with soul-crushing debt. And the response from “conservatives” and “libertarians” is to ridicule them with memes, tell them that they should have been smarter, tell them they have only themselves to blame, ect., etc.

Economic Suck of Student Loan Debt

Let’s talk about economics. We are describing an entire generation that is fucked in this corporate-capitalistic society. Just royally boned. These former college students have this financial sword of Damocles hanging over their own head, a sword that was put there by deceit and lies.

Societal Suck of Student Loan Debt

How about we talk about one societal aspect that this debt impacts. The cultural cost of not having these folks able to buy houses is legion. It’s hard enough starting a family–could you start one if there was no way you could see that you could put your family in a house? What’s the economic impact of an entire generation unable to buy a home because they need to pay back a debt for a service that, only now, they realize doesn’t benefit them at all.

Is the magnitude of student loan debt finally reaching you?

  • College costs more today than it did when you were in college.
  • College cost considerably more today than when your parents were in college.
  • College cost considerably more today than at any time in American history relative to the cost of other major expenses.
  • Working a bunch of jobs while going to college today will not prevent this debt.

Personal Suck of Student Loan Debt

And the cost to the actual person in this situation is terrible. These people live in fear. And it kills them. Slowly. And almost all of the conservative and libertarians on Facebook (there I go again, bashing it), when presented with this problem was to point and laugh.

Shame on you.

Let’s confiscate the colleges’ endowments and pay off these students’ debts. Or a multitude of any other solutions other than fucking over an entire generation from This American Life.

These debtors need our help. Right now. They need forgiveness. Like the Bible tells us, right in the Lord’s Prayer.

Walk with God. And don’t live in fear.