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September 21, 2009 Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: The Craft  3 Comments

I swear to God, if I start reading one more book with a female protagonist who:

  • Has an IQ of 36D (or)
  • Is a raving sociopath because, clearly, violence = empowerment (NOT)

I am going to take that book, drive to the God Damn rifle range, hang it from the 200 yard berm beam and shoot it full of 155 grain hollow-points at over 2,750 feet per second.

Then I will post the picture here on my blog.

Not that this will change anything, but boy-howdy, will I feel a lot better.

Maybe I should just give up on urban fantasy. Although I did like Toni Andrew’s Mercy book, so the genre can’t be a total wash.

I don’t get it. These books are written by women, with women agents, with women editors. Yet they are some of the most glaring anti-women books around.


Black Hills 308

Monster Hunter International now on Amazon for presale

November 30, 2008 Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Awesomesauce, The Craft  0 Comments

Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter International is now available for presale on

I have the pre-Baen version (which is now a collectable). It’s an outstanding debut genre-stretching novel. One could classify it as military urban fantasy, or near-future science fiction. I loved it thoroughly. Loved loved loved.

The novel has a great voice and the characters are wonderfully developed and three-dimensional. I could go on, but just buy the thing.

Give the gift this year in books. Anyone who likes the great contemporary monster story, this is the cat’s meow.

Buy it. Now. And then wait, knowing that a lucky few got a POD version before Baen found this gem.