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The Goddess of War enters the battlescape on silent wings.

The battllescape looked like every other battlescape across the destroyed European continent—grey, blasted ruin devoid of life. Color. Each city received a four-hundred and seventy-five kiloton fusion blast courtesy off the SSBN Colorado. Sometimes more than one. Military targets, those surviving the initial Armageddon, met the wrong end of orbital torpedo strikes. Then hastily assembled neutron bombs bathed swaths of landscape where survivors gathered.

Now there was a pause in the wholesale carnage. Not because there were no survivors, but because the Federation of Free Peoples ran out of WMDs.

Their hate, however, was in endless supply. Divisions launched and landed. Most of the enemy left was military personnel, alive simply because when embarking on genocide, one starts with the higher concentrations of civilians as they are the better target.

The Goddess of War appreciated the survivors’ refusal to welcome extinction, so she took to the field.

Neither side knew she had landed exactly in the middle of the pitched battle, a conflict whittled down via attrition to a brutal esthetic, down to handheld weapons, sharp knives and even rocks. Each was locked in a mortal struggle as personal as their first kiss. Their first time making love. The first kill. This battlescape held no innocence; veterans all gave it everything as if nothing else existed.

The Goddess of War lets her rifle drop on its one-point sling. To start shooting, she feels, would almost be a dishonor to her allies; an interruption of the blood music before her. She flexes her armored fingers as her wings fold to become one with her armored back. She pivots on an armored boot and grabs the bloodied lance with the enemy’s standard on the end, still wielded by an enemy soldier, right as the soldier was going to impale the wounded man struggling to get up before him, the man wearing little more than a bloodied rag with only the 101st Airborne Division patch its only denouement.

The lance comes out of the enemy’s hand easily and she continues her pivot into a full circle, the lance flowing down her hand until she grips it tightly. Micro-servos and memory muscle contract in her armor, and then expand with unholy force. The Goddess of War runs the standard through the enemy’s chest.

Blood and nano goo. Great gouts of it spew from the enemy’s mouth and, feeling a sense of irony in killing him with his own standard, she puts the foot she isn’t pivoting with on the corpse’s chest and pulls it free while pushing the body away with her boot. The Goddess of War plants both feet, flexes her knees and jumps.

In the air, she twists backwards and does a backflip over two other combatants locked in a dance of fury. As she lands she swings the standard in an arc and it hits an enemy solder’s head with a mighty crack. His head bends sideways with a snap almost as loud as the impact.

She sinks to one knee as the standard still swings and now it is in downward thrust and impacts another enemy on the back of his leg. Such was the strength of the blow that not only does the leg bend with another snap of bone, but the solider flips completely over and lands on his head right in front of her.

The Goddess of War’s armored fist lashes out. It connects with the enemy’s face and continues through his skull until it punches through the other side. Blood and viscera, brains and smashed cyber gear splash across her armor.

She stands up as a pistol round bounces off her armor, too weak for even her kinetic overlay to absorb it. The enemy holding the pistol is a female. Seeing her feminine form angers the Goddess.

The Goddess of War hates the enemy. She hates the enemy’s females most of all. Her vision goes red. Her armor responds by squirting a stimulant into her bloodstream.

The Goddess of Was is now on her feet and she strides to the female solider who is trying to find a weak spot in her armor with the pistol rounds. She only gets three off as the standard pierces her low in the gut. The enemy screams and the Goddess lifts her off her feet by raising the standard up, the flag now a blood ruin, the untearable cloth torn.

The Goddess of War swings the lance and the female flies off it and impacts another enemy only a few feet away. They both go down and another man of the 101st is there, a combat knife in each hand. He doesn’t even glance at his benefactor as he falls on the two. The man isn’t even an orbital drop trooper. He has a mechanic’s patch on his light armor. He wields the two blades as extensions of his own hate. The blows continue even though both enemies are dead.

This pleases the Goddess, and she observes that not only is she still holding the lance, but also female’s pistol. She flexes her knees and jumps again. She jumps over twenty feet into the air, and at the apex of her leap she aims the crude pistol. As she falls, she pulls the trigger. Once, twice, three times. Four. Five. Click. As she drops the pistol, five enemy soldiers fall, shot in the eye. On top of the head. The neck.

Nearing the ground, she grasps the lance with both hands and leans forward. The lance enters an enemy soldier’s head and continues down the center of his body, coming out somewhere near his belly and slicing into the ground.

Buzz, buzz, buzz. The unmistakable sound of combat drones. They slide into the battlscape, the forward thrust of reinforcements. The Goddess of War is quick, but the drones are just as fast. In moments all the enemy are dead. Dismembered. Sliced in twain. Surgically nullified with a combat laser.

The Goddess of War pants as the men’s gazes dart this way and that as if not quite believing the battle has ended, or perhaps disappointed there is no enemy left to kill. The Goddess peers to the left. She peers to the right. She sees the man with the two knives, gore up to each elbow. She smiles as she strides up to him.

The faceplate of her helmet detracts. She grasps the man and gently pulls him close. She kisses him passionately, tongues entwined and dancing. She closes her eyes when she kisses.

How long she kissed the man she does not know. She opens her eyes and smiles at him again as her faceplate locks back into place and her wings snap out.

The Goddess of War leaves the battlescape on silent wings.

Mr. Jeffry vs. Candice Wilson and Cowlitz County Safety

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In the matter of Jeffry vs. Candice Wilson and Cowlitz County Safety, I find for the plaintiff, Mr. Jeffry.

Mr. Jeffry, formally of the 101st Airborne Division Orbital Insertion Battalion, and previous resident of Ryderwood, a town located in Cowlitz County, was the neighbor of Dee Wilson, Candice Wilson’s younger sister.

Dee Wilson was a known drug abuser who on a frequent basis took snorf (see Appendix A). Her father (Lou Wilson) and mother (Tawny Wilson) are successful restaurateurs of Portland, Oregon, owning three upscale restaurants, one of which is in Vancouver, Washington. As outlined in Appendix A, the Wilsons tried several times to rehabilitate their daughter to no success. Dee became pregnant. Dee could not seek support from the father of her child, as she was high on the night of conception and participated in a group sex activity where the participants did not have to verify their fertility blockers were installed and intact.

I have not been able to determine whom, or what, removed Dee’s blocker, or if she had ever installed a tube-blocker (also Appendix A).

Now legally an adult, Dee relocated to Ryderwood and her parents gave her a living stipend on the condition she not return to Portland.

While legally an adult per the Constitution, Dee was not in the proper frame of mind to live like one and started a relationship with a local drug dealer whom called himself “Flo-Jo” (see Appendix B). Flo-Jo happily took over Dee’s finances, but regrettably, Flo-Jo was dealing drugs so he himself could afford their usage. Her small home fell in disrepair, but indications are Dee did manage to stay clean while pregnant. She successfully gave birth to a daughter she named Jackie.

Unfortunately for little Jackie, Dee took up the life of drugs again. Mr. Jeffry, living next door, sought to alleviate Jackie’s precarious situation by petitioning her grandparents and aunt to pay Dee a one-time payment in exchange for them raising the baby or putting it up for adoption. The Wilsons declined (see Appendix C).

It was at this point Mr. Jeffry offered a lump sum, and his house, for becoming the Guardian of Baby Jackie, now six months old. During this offer, he got into an altercation with Flo-Jo, which Cowlitz County Safety intervened. Dee declined Mr. Jeffry’s offer (see Appendix D).

Mr. Jeffry decided to monitor Baby Jackie’s situation by taking time off work and paying close attention to Dee’s house. It was during this time he concluded that nobody was feeding Jackie and she had been crying off-and-on for three days, with the cries “becoming ominously weaker and infrequent.” His observation was collaborated by the certified medical condition of Jackie post-incident (see Appendix D).

Mr. Jeffry decided to intervene for the safety and well-being of the baby, determining she was in immediate danger. He donned a set of off-the-shelf light armor and armed himself with a charge pistol, a M16 MK31 rifle, ammunition for both, three HE grenades, a Japanese katana and a TacWin tactical helmet of unknown model/make. He then released two small TacWin data drones, also of unknown model/make. He then activated his helmet (the telemetry available in Appendix E).

Mr. Jeffry proceeded to kick the front door of Dee’s house off its tracks. The cheap, but effective virtual fence installed at Dee’s residence called Country Safety. This and other telemetry from the virtual fence is in Appendix F.

Mr. Jeffry went up the stairs and found Dee and Flo-Jo in coitus in the master bedroom. It was at this point he told Flo-Jo and Dee he was here to save the baby and not to interfere.

Flo-Jo responded by jumping out of bed and reaching for a sidearm. Mr. Jeffry then split Flo-Jo in half with his katana.


Ignoring Dee’s screams, Mr. Jeffry went to the baby’s room. As shown on the high-resolution helmet video, the baby was covered in her own feces and urine, and showing the outwards signs of dehydration and malnourishment.

Mr. Jeffry then took Jackie to the kitchen in which he washed her off in the sink. The baby protested this, and started to mew, having no energy to scream or cry. Mr. Jeffry then fixed a baby-meal by pressing the activation button on an easily found baby formula bottle and stuffed the nipple in Jackie’s mouth. The baby then proceeded to feed in earnest.

It is at this time Dee came downstairs with Flo-Jo’s firearm. Mr. Jeffry informed Dee to say goodbye to the baby, as Dee would never see her again.

Dee was silent for several minutes and then whispered goodbye. She then put Flo-Jo’s firearm in her mouth and pulled the trigger.

Mr. Jeffry then went outside where a County Safety tactical vehicle stopped in front of the house. Both Mr. Jeffery and Dee were clients of Cowlitz County Safety (Appendix G). We can presume Mr. Jeffery knew of their impending arrival by the video feed of his drones, as he shifted the baby to the crock of his arm, sheathed his katana and moved his rifle to a sling-on-back position. The four Safety Officers immerging from their vehicle with pistols and carbines drawn demanded Mr. Jeffery put down the baby and raise his hands.

Mr. Jeffry extended his hand in a manner suggesting that he wished the Country Safety Officers to see that he was not pointing a weapon at them. Below is the totality of the conversation between Mr. Jeffry and the officers:

MR. JEFFRY: Stand down. Do not point weapons at me or the baby.

OFFICER LORRIE: Put the baby on the ground! Keep your hands where we can see them!

MR. JEFFRY: Stand down.

OFFICER LORRIE: Damn it Jeff, put the baby down!

MR. JEFFRY: Do not interfere.

There was a pause indicating the Safety Officers were having a sub-vocal conversation (data unavailable).

OFFICER LORRIE: I’m not going to tell you again to…

Mr. Jeffry did not put the baby down nor raise his hands. The TacWin drone #1 unleashed a full-spectrum, full-power burst of white noise which penetrated the Officers’ filter suite on their own tactical helmets. In the resultant confusion, Mr. Jeffry drew his charge pistol and shot, from the hip, each officer in the head. Twice.

(Note the baby still has an impressive grip on the bottle and is still feeding)

Mr. Jeffry did three things in quick order. He placed two of his HE grenades onto the tactical vehicle and put the bodies in the vehicle and closed the door. The SUV, sensing zero life signs from the occupants, reverted to auto programing and proceeded to drive away from the scene, the final destination which I will note below.

Mr. Jeffry next action was to retreat to his house and begin gathering “bug-out” supplies and his “bug-out” kit. He also placed an emergency call to PacWest Office of Constitution Enforcement, the transcript as follows:

DISPATCHER: PacWest OCE. Please note OCE per the Constitution does not mediate private arrangements between individuals and CEOs only involve themselves in matters directly pertaining to the Constitution per our charter. What is the nature of your emergency?

MR. JEFFRY: Mortal interference of Guardianship by a collective.

DISPATCHER: That is a very serious allegation Mr. Jeffry, but before I dispatch an Officer, are you in danger right now?


DISPATCHER: Is your ward in mortal danger?


DISPATCHER: I note your location as Ryderwood in Cowlitz County and that Cowlitz County Safety has gone under high alert. Is County Safety the collective that is interfering with your Guardianship?


DISPATCHER: Only a few more questions and I thank you for your patience. These questions are important for you and your ward’s safety. Are you Mr. Jeffry, formally of 101st Airborne Division Orbital Insertion Battalion?


DISPATCHER: I am dispatching Mr. Scott of PacWest OCE; his qualifications are on the data channel now. Is that adequate for the tactical situation you are now in?

MR. JEFFRY: More than, yes.

DISPATCHER: Excellent. Is there anything else I can help you with today?


DISPATCHER: Thank you…

MR. JEFFRY: Actually, one thing. If you give a malnourished baby an auto-bottle and she drinks it all, do I give her another right way?

DISPATCHER: One moment. No. The baby should fall asleep shortly after the first bottle. If the baby was strong enough to drink the bottle in the first place, then she was hydrated enough not to warrant an IV. Feed her again after she wakes up and you change her. Is there anything else I can help you with?

MR. JEFFRY: No, thank you. You’ve been great.

DISPATCHER: Glad to hear it. Please be sure to fill out the satisfaction survey at the conclusion of PacWest OCE involvement in your case. I hope your day gets better. PacWest, OCE Dispatch, out.

MR. JEFFRY: Jeff, out.

During this exchange between Mr. Jeffry and PacWest OCE, Cowlitz County Safety launched two flights of tactical drones. Mr. Jeffry’s other drone (TacWin drone #2) proceed to target each county drone with a small EW data stream. The drones responded by attempting to take the TacWin drone offline through bursts from their auto-shotguns.

The TacWin drone responded by performing evasive maneuvers while using the same EW attack in a round-robin fashion on the county drones.

It should be noted that while the EW attack on the county drones were ineffective, the result was all twelve drones proceeded to chase TacWin drone #2 all over the wooded areas of Ryderwood.

Right as Mr. Jeffry finished putting the last of his supplies in his bug-out bag, he noted that Baby Jackie was indeed asleep. He carefully placed her in a duffle bag with but did not seal the bag. He then received a call from Cowlitz County Safety, Sheriff Kippler.

SHERIFF KIPPLER: Jeff! What the fuck? I’m reading zero vitals from four of my officers right after video telemetry of them pointing their guns at you and screaming at you to stand down, telemetry that cut out right after an EW burst!

MR. JEFFRY: Kip. Listen up. Jackie is now my ward. Do not interfere. I’m her Guardian. Do you understand? Her Guardian.

SHERIFF KIPPLER: Damn it Jeff! Their SUV is rolling up now. With fucking blood dripping out the fucking door. Have you gone war-frenzy? Huh? Is that it?

MR. JEFFRY: For the love of the Old God, Kip, stand the fuck down! I’ve called OCE and a CEO is on the way.

This is the point I tried to contact Sheriff Kippler via the Cowlitz County 911, Government channel, while travelling north on the I-5 Corp. Bridge in the emergency express lane at 200 kilometers per hour. The call was dispatched immediately to Sheriff Kippler, who did not answer.

Back to the conversation between Kippler and Jeffry:

SHERIFF KIPPLER: Fuck you! You shot them in the head! Their brains are gone YOU FUCK; we can’t regen them. And don’t fucking play the OCE card on me! They are nothing but a bunch of burned out vets who cover the asses of other burned out vets. They are calling me right now. Well fuck that. You’re done, Jeffry. You’ve got three safety departments…

MR. JEFFRY: Sorry, Kip.

Mr. Jeffry remotely detonated the two HE grenades still attached to the tactical vehicle. This took out Sheriff Kippler, the high-security emergency bay of the Cowlitz County Safety Trauma Hospital, two EMTs, the trauma doctor and three Country Safety Tactical Officers.

I then attempted to call Mr. Jeffry, who answered the call.

MR. JEFFRY: Mr. Scott.

CEO SCOTT: Mr. Jeffry. Are you still involved in a situation?


CEO SCOTT: Well, I have not one but three County Safety departments not answering my calls nor giving me any tactical feeds despite my request. How bad is it?

MR. JEFFRY: I’m in my armor.

CEO SCOTT: Okay. When I arrive at your location will you stand down?

MR. JEFFRY: Yes. But right now I am on the move.

CEO SCOTT: I will add you to the tactical feed to my SUV. Can you please hook up with me?

MR. JEFFRY: Affirmative.

CEO SCOTT: Can I ask you some questions? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, but it would be helpful for me, but mostly you.


CEO: Have you been drinking today?


CEO SCOTT: Are you taking any recreational or medicinal drugs that would impede your judgment?


CEO SCOTT: How long have you been awake?

MR. JEFFRY: I have been up since oh-five-hundred.

CEO SCOTT: How much sleep did you get?

MR. JEFFRY: Eight hours.

CEO SCOTT: How old is your ward?

MR. JEFFRY: About six months.

CEO SCOTT: Jesus Old Christ on a Pogo Stick. Are you telling me a baby was in mortal danger by Guardian interference from a County Safety department?

MR. JEFFRY: Correct, Major.

CEO SCOTT: And you are a client of their services.

MR. JEFFRY: Correct.

CEO SCOTT: And did they know who you were?

MR. JEFFRY: I want to say yes, but it’s obvious now, no.

CEO SCOTT: Well, this sucks.

MR. JEFFRY: Aye, Major.

CEO SCOTT: Okay then. Please hold.

I then called the 911 channels of the Clark, Cowlitz and Multnomah County Safety Departments, both on their 911 tactical emergency channels and their Government channels.

CEO SCOTT: I have an active case with a Mr. Jeffry as the plaintiff. I require everyone to stand down while I investigate the claims to conclusion.

SHERIFF LARS: Scott, we’ve got a stack of dead…

CEO SCOTT: Lars, if you all do not stand down right now I will respond with lethal force.

SHERIFF LARS: Damn, it Scott!

I terminated all six channels. Fortunately, all three departments stood down and I met up with Mr. Jeffry and proceed with my inquiry. During the course of the investigation, Candice Wilson formally counter-petitioned OCE for custody of Baby Jackie.

In the matter of Candice Wilson and Cowlitz County Safety, I find for the plaintiff, Mr. Jeffry due to Constitutional violations now attributed as Mortal Guardian Interference.

The Constitution articles on Guardianship are clear and succinct on the matter of Guardianship. Once Mr. Jeffry determined Baby Jackie was in mortal danger by her very own Guardian, Dee Wilson, he was allowed to become a primary actor on behalf of the baby. If a person becomes the primary actor on behalf a person who cannot make decisions herself, he or she goes from a primary actor to the Guardian of that person (Child). Once that occurs there are three considerations (the person requiring a Guardian for this explanation is henceforth referred to as a Child for clarity):

Consideration One: If the primary actor becomes the Guardian because the prior Guardian is incapacitated or absent, he must relinquish Guardianship to the prior Guardian or prior Guardian’s designators once the Child is no longer in danger. An immediate family relation is a de facto Guardian designation, which is the primary mechanism in which an immediate family member becomes the Guardian of a Child when the Child’s primary Guardian is unable to perform his or hers Guardian duties.

Consideration Two: If the primary actor determines that the Guardian herself is placing the Child in Clear and Imminent Danger, the actor can assume Guardianship of the Child until such a time as the primary actor contacts Office of Constitution Enforcement and files a claim of Constitutional Violation on behalf of the Child, usually the Whole of Body clauses. If OCE determines that the Guardianship transfer did not have Constitution backing (such Clear and Imminent Danger was absent, even if the perception of danger would led a person to conclude otherwise), then the Child is removed from the primary actor’s custody and place back into the custody of the prior Guardian or prior Guardian’s designees. At that time the Guardian(s) can hire an Investor for the crime of kidnaping or any another crime committed during the improper removal of Guardianship.

However, if OCE finds that the primary actor was correct in removing the prior Guardian, the primary actor is now the Child’s Guardian with no restriction as the Constitution does not have clauses placing restrictions on Guardianship except for the considerations I am articulating now (see Section 1: Guardianship, Clauses 8 through 13).

Consideration Three: While esoteric today, it is important to note War Authorization Clauses can usurp Section 1 (Guardianship) of the Constitution.

Based on the evidence presented by both the Plaintiff and the Defendants, Mr. Jeffry is the Guardian of Baby Jackie and thus all claims of Constitutional Violations on Mr. Jeffry and claims filed with an Investigator for the crimes of Homicide and Kidnapping are void.

The first question I asked when determining a Judgment was, when did Mr. Jeffry become a primary actor towards Baby Jackie?

Mr. Jeffry became a primary actor when he contacted the Guardian designators with his concerns that Baby Jackie was in danger from her own Guardian:

Unfortunately for little Jackie, Dee took up the life of drugs again. Mr. Jeffry, living next door, sought to alleviate Jackie’s precarious situation by petitioning her grandparents and aunt to pay Dee a one-time payment in exchange for them raising the baby or putting it up for adoption. The Wilsons declined (see Appendix C).

Once I established a primary actor, and that the primary actor was Mr. Jeffry, I then posed the question: did Mr. Jeffry try to resolve this situation before resorting to (lethal) force against the current Guardian?

I concluded yes:

It was at this point Mr. Jeffry offered a lump sum, and his house, for becoming the Guardian of Baby Jackie, now six months old.

Having tried to resolve the situation for the Child on behalf of the current Guardians, did Mr. Jeffry, as the primary actor, have the implicit duty to then become Baby Jackie’s Guardian?

I concluded yes:

Mr. Jeffry decided to monitor Baby Jackie’s situation by taking time off work and paying close attention to Dee’s house. It was during this time he concluded that nobody was feeding Jackie and she had been crying off-and-on for three days, with the cries “becoming ominously weaker and infrequent.” His observation was collaborated by the certified medical condition of Jackie post-incident (see Appendix D).

Mr. Jeffry decided to intervene for the safety and well-being of the baby, determining she was in immediate danger.

That Mr. Jeffry did not contact County Safety with his immediate concern has no bearing in light of the absent of monitoring from Cowlitz County Safety after the altercation between Mr. Jeffry and Flo-Jo, where Mr. Jeffry expressed concern to the County Safety officers that Baby Jackie’s life was in danger.

Why County Safety did not set up active or passive monitoring is unknown and the officers involved, including Sheriff Kippler, perished in the resultant altercation whereupon Mr. Jeffry became Baby Jackie’s Guardian. I was told directly by Candice Wilson (see Appendix H) that Cowlitz County Safety contacted her parents and discussed the situation at length.

However, such factoids are only relevant in understanding what occurred from low-level observations and has no bearing on the if Mr. Jeffry was in violation of the Constitution for Guardian usurp , but they do have bearing if County Safety was in violation of the Constitution when interfering with Mr. Jeffry as the Guardian of Baby Jackie:

DISPATCHER: …What is the nature of your emergency?

MR. JEFFRY: Mortal interference of Guardianship by a collective.

Concerning the counter-claim of Designated Guardianship Petition from Candice Wilson, I find in favor of the Plaintiff, Mr. Jeffry. Candice Wilson ceased to become a Designated Guardian once she refused to become the primary actor for Baby Jackie when Mr. Jeffry expressed his concerns about the Child in a good faith effort to resolve the situation. I have confiscated 5,000 Nuevo Credits form Candice Wilson, 4,000 of which I awarded to Mr. Jeffry and 1,000 to PacWest OCE as per our Constitutional Charter.

Cornering Mr. Jeffry’s claim against Cowlitz County Safety, once Mr. Jeffry decided to save Baby Jackie he was her Guardian. All the actions from that point are filtered under Section 1 of the Constitution (Guardianship). It is unfortunate that so many Country Safety Officers perished in the altercation, but a Guardian can respond to mortal interference of Guardianship by a collective with lethal force.

I have fined Cowlitz County Safety Department 3,000,000 Nuevo Credits. The department did not have the cash on hand and their insurance company refused to pay out. I have therefore confiscated cash from the various holding banks they had, and then confiscated the rest of the cash from individual officers’ personal accounts if the officer was an active commissioned employee of Cowlitz County Safety at the time of this Judgment. 100,000 of those credits was transferred to PacWest OCE as per our Constitutional Charter.

This is my Judgment rendered without Question with one Consideration:

OFFICER SCOTT: Guys, it would be great if one of you posed a Question on the Jeffry Case.

OFFICER JUSTIN: Scott, this may be the first time a CEO has actually asked for a Question. Ever. Dude.

OFFICER HANA: I am so not touching this one.

OFFICER SCOTT: Come on guys, a Question will save me a mound of paperwork on the backend. I’ll buy you a beer.

OFFICER GINA: I’ll pose a Question…


OFFICER GINA: …if we weren’t in the middle of a divorce.




OFFICER SCOTT: You are all not nice people.

Case Addendum 1: Investigator Evelyn of Daniel and Evelyn Investigations, Portland, Oregon

You know I had this huge flame addition in which I ripped everyone who interjected me into this cluster fuck a new one. I went off on how fucking stupid you have to be to interfere with a FUCKING ORBITAL TROOPER who is one of the few members left of the 101st Airborne not because of luck but because he is a fucking BAD-ASS of monumental proportions to the point where the GUARDIAN OF THE FUCKING EMPRESS awarded him a FUCKING IMPERIAL KATANA OVER FIVE HUNDRED YEARS OLD for reasons NOBODY KNOWS but if you put two and two together one can surmise he was instrumental in SAVING THE PRE-NATAL EMPRESSES LIFE. So when a bunch of ASSHOLES get whacked when he is trying to save the life of ANOTHER BABY, people wonder why there is a pile of dead bodies, while I am sitting here wondering WHY THE BODY COUNT IS NOT IN THE HUNDREDS. I guess Mr. Jeffry had an off day.

However, Danny is encouraging me to make a good faith effort. Fine.

Lou and Tawny Wilson attempted to hire me for to Investigate the death of their daughter Dee Wilson as a homicide and OCE abuse of office, specifically the Constitutional Enforcement Officer Mr. Scott. No sooner than the request hit my office comp, I received the same type of homicide/OCE abuse Investigation from the Clark, Cowlitz and Multnomah County Safety Departments.

As Investigators have authority over CEOs when the latter commit crimes or Constitutional violations of their own, I spent due diligence in a pre-Investigation of this case(s) for a grand total of ten minutes. I then sent an official reply to the potential clients:

Fuck off.

Shortly thereafter I received a call from Charles [REDACTED] Olsen, the [REDACTED] Space Marshal. He asked me, nicely, if I would please Investigate if OCE was indeed violating their charter as outlined in the Constitution.

I actually considered telling Charles to also fuck off. However, Charles is sitting up there in Space Station Matachi doing who knows what when the man should be retired, so I decided to cut him some slack. That he was a phenomenal lay as a CO had nothing to do with it, indeed I hold that against him.

After I stopped crying from being used by Charles (again), I opened an official inquiry against PacWest OCE and Officer Scott. Then I took a shower because I felt as dirty as a woman could feel.

In any official inquiry against OCE, and Investigator asks these questions in no particular order:

Does the Investigator have valid jurisdiction over OCE at this time?

Did the CEO commit a crime?

Did the CEO abuse the powers of his office?

These are valid questions. But let me ask another question on the request to Investigate multiple homicides committed by Baby Jackie’s Guardian, Mr. Jeffry. Did Mr. Jeffry commit unjustifiable homicide? To me this is a valid question, as I am an Investigator and I am empowered by the Constitution to Investigate crimes on behalf of a client. It’s an academic question (wait for it), but since I was asked (nicely) to answer it, answer I shall.

My answer is no. Each homicide in this case was justifiable.

Let’s start with “Flo-Jo.” Well, let’s not. Fuck Flo-Jo. Let’s start with Dee. Dee killed herself on video that has an intact non-tamper encryption key. This is a slam dunk. Mr. Jeffry didn’t even encourage Dee to off herself, every single word recorded to Dee Wilson was said with compassion and honor. They were absolute words, but honorable words.

We then come to the altercation, the Guardian of Baby Jackie was clear in his declaration:

MR. JEFFRY: Stand down. Do not point weapons at me or the baby.

OFFICER LORRIE: Put the baby on the ground! Keep your hands where we can see them!

MR. JEFFRY: Stand down.

OFFICER LORRIE: Damn it Jeff, put the baby down!

MR. JEFFRY: Do not interfere.

Mr. Jeffry had no obligation to say anything even as a client to Cowlitz County Safety. He was acting under Section 1: Guardianship of the Constitution. Unfortunately, this is where things went bad:

OFFICER LORRIE: I’m not going to tell you again to…

Whoops. Hold on there, girly. Did you get that? I’m not going to tell you again. Congratulations County Safety Officer Lorrie, you are singularly responsible for this entire trail of destruction that could have stopped with “Flo-Jo.” You killed all those people for “Flo-Jo” and the Baby Abuser, Dee. Let me put that in perspective:

You put “Flo-Jo” a known drug dealer and addict and Dee, A KNOWN ADDICT AND CHILD ABUSER WHOM KILLED HERSELF above Mr. Jeffry A FUCKING ORBITAL DROP TROOPER who was in process of SAVING A BABY’S LIFE.

But that is a digression. At this point Mr. Jeffry surmised the Safety Officers intent to interfere with the Guardianship of his baby and that interference was now classified as mortal interference. Buh-Bye, Lorrie.

Note that was a charge pistol Mr. Jeffry used. A charge pistol. You know what a charge pistol is? It’s the precursor to my needler. Yes, the second deadliest sidearm on the planet.

Anyway, our trail of destruction now heads to Sheriff “I Am Suspected of Taking Blood Money From the Wilsons” Kippler. In the request packet sent to me about this case from the Safety offices, it was suggested this was pre-meditated murder because Mr. Jeffry put the HE grenades on the SUV out of sight.

That Mr. Jeffry committed homicide is not in question. Did he commit murder?

I concluded no. Hey look at that I am staring to sound like Mr. Scott.

Anyway, Mr. Jeffry was involved in a tactical, running battle. He had (correctly) surmised that County Safety may be acting against the Constitution in ways that would usurp his Guardianship even if he brought in OCE to try to mitigate the altercation (carnage). Behold, Ladies and Gentleman, Mr. Jeffry in all his tactical glory:

DISPATCHER: PacWest OCE… What is the nature of your emergency?

MR. JEFFRY: Mortal interference of Guardianship by a collective.

Followed by:

SHERIFF KIPPLER: Damn it Jeff! Their SUV is rolling up now. With fucking blood dripping out the fucking door. Have you gone war frenzy? Huh? Is that it?

MR. JEFFRY: For the love of the Old God, Kip, stand the fuck down! I’ve called OCE and a CEO is on the way.

Uh-huh, uh-huh, wakka wakka doo. Mr. Jeffry did make the tactical assumption that as a group, Cowlitz Country Safety was going to crawl up his ass. For saving a baby. But it gets better!

SHERIFF KIPPLER: Fuck you! You shot them in the head! Their brains are gone YOU FUCK; we can’t regen them. And don’t fucking play the OCE card on me! They are nothing but a bunch of burned out vets who cover the asses of other burned out vets. They are calling me right now. Well fuck that. You’re done, Jeffry. You’ve got three safety departments…

MR. JEFFRY: Sorry, Kip.

That wasn’t murder that was self-defense. And the defense of a Baby. You know, what a Guardian is EMPOWERED BY THE CONSTITUTION to do.

Just so everyone doesn’t think I am heartless bitch (okay maybe I am), I am sorry too. The doctor and the two EMTs got blown up and they weren’t a threat. But again:

DISPATCHER: PacWest OCE… What is the nature of your emergency?

MR. JEFFRY: Mortal interference of Guardianship by a collective.

The doctor and EMTs were in the wrong place at the wrong time and their families, or contractual estate managers, could file a negligent homicide Investigation request against Mr. Jeffry (the three tactical officers were in the County tactical channel at the time and thus associated with Sheriff Kippler’s actions).

They could file, that is, if they were not a part of the collective that was in a running battle with a Guardian trying to save the life of his baby.

So there you have it. Justifiable homicide end-to-end.

Which is all moot. Let’s go back to my three questions and answer them in no particular order:

Did the CEO commit a crime?

Well that is a no-brainer. No. Mr. Scott. Commit a crime. As if.

Does the Investigator have valid jurisdiction over OCE at this time?

An odd question, no? Investigators have jurisdiction over OCE. OCE has jurisdiction over the Military. The Military has jurisdiction over Investigators. So why bother asking this question?

This question is far from academic and resides in the heart of the War Authorization Clauses of the Constitution. There are WAC Protocols empowered by these WAC Clauses that can remove my jurisdiction. For example, OCE suspects one of the participants in an active case is a Unionist.

Ick. Thank you all you fuck-heads for making me think things like that.

Then we come to the last question an Investigator (that would be me and I may or may not be drinking at this point) would ask:

Did the CEO abuse the powers of his office?

My answer is no (damn it I did it again). Mr. Scott acted with all his bloodless, professional glory (how he mages to still be attractive I have no idea) with neither malice nor abuse. Indeed, he acted with distinction and honor. The monies collected were straight from a published OCE Schedule of Judgments (see Appendix Whatever you can do your own fucking net search). At no time did Mr. Scott do anything for personal gain or personal bias in favor of either the Plaintiff or Defendant.

But I get it. I GET IT OKAY. I get that if Mr. Scott made a mistake in his Judgment then all these dead bodies are indeed unjustifiable homicide or even murder and thus we have ourselves a situation.

So pay attention here folks. I am going use small words. Brief and to the point:

Only a CEO can rule on Constitution violations.

Did you get that? I even centered it, bolded it (is bolded a word?) and put it in emphasis. A CEOs authority in interpreting the Constitution is absolute. Only OCE can question another CEO and they take that super-duper seriously, like they give Question the magical upper-case Q (why do we capitalize everything Anyway It Makes No Sense).


This is my Judgment rendered without Question…


But still, I’ll go there for you. Because I’m drunk.

I looked up how to become a CEO. All you need to do is get obtain a Level One cert in Constitutional Study from any Tier One Accreditation service. As anybody who has gotten a cert in CS can tell you, that’s like, well, fucking difficult. I have cert Four and I was damn proud of that. Level One CS is so mind-numbingly boring and filled with cross-studies such as Tactical Applications in Mob Incidents, that there is a current 100% hire rate for anyone obtaining this certificate. And it’s all public.

But wait! There’s more! What cert does Mr. Scott have? 1.1? 1.5 like Officer Gina?

Nope. Mr. Scott has a Level Zero Constitutional Studies Certificate.

What the fuck is Level Zero I thought to myself. So I looked it up. It took some digging. It’s not obscured but it isn’t optimized for a search, either.

Level Zero is a classification given to the people who helped write the Constitution.

That’s right. You assholes asked me to Investigate a CEO WHO WROTE PART OF THE CONSTITUTION for Constitutional interpretation. HOW FUCKED UP IS THAT YOU FUCK-TARDS. And I bet Charles knew. He knew. He just wanted it all out there. Social stability or something like that. Well fuck you Charles. AGAIN. I’VE ALREADY FUCKING FORGAVE YOU, OKAY?

I’m back. I had a fight with Dan. He ran off and I think he’s fucking his therapist. Awesome. But I don’t care. Because I took snorf. Yup. Snorf. Snof-Out with Your Tits Out! Just like Dee. Woooooo!

So I’m going to go somewhere else. Fuck the Constitution. Did you catch that? FUCK THE CONSTITUTION. The real question on the table is a matter of morality and how our broken society tried to un-break itself. Are you ready for this? Are you? Here we go.

Nowhere in the Constitution does it say the Government has a monopoly in force. Not a single place. Indeed, in the WAC section of the Constitution is pretty clear that each person who Declared and swore the Declaration Oath has an obligation to dismantle our society if the current society is engaged in Prohibited Acts or using Forbidden Technology. The use of force by a non-Government person is explicit in that regard and thus is a clear precedent, even. And don’t even get me started that County Safety departments are not in the Constitution either. No one single word about. They are private corporations. A collective.

So for you tiny brain peoples I’ll say it one more time:

Nowhere in the Constitution does it say the Government has a monopoly in force.

One last thing. In the war I used women like Dee as bait for Unionist cyborg rape bots. I would drag them to suspected Unionist activity locations, wait for the cyborg, and track it and their screaming victim to a crèche. I would then cap all their evil asses, but I would wait until the cyborg was finished. They were programed to receive pleasure in the act of inserting their extraction tubes in a woman to set up the egg extraction. They took their time. They made these little grunting noises and some of them liked to lick. Some of them were quite talented. Their victims sometimes, you know, responded.

The moral of that story? Don’t mess with babies.

To the Wilsons: no amount of deflection can change the fact you are the worst parents and dishonorable people and I would not piss on if you were on fire.

Everyone can go to hell.

Case Addendum 2: Mr. Scott, PacWest OCE

Lou Wilson has killed himself after killing Tawny Wilson.

Case Addendum 3: Officer Peter, PacWest OCE

I have sold all of our drones on the open market and replaced them with TacWin models. Not as effective as Investigator drones, but clearly a superior product compared to the current competition. I’ve put them through an evaluation and they meet all use cases and then some. Highly Recommended for all OC Enforcements.

Case Addendum 4: Mr. Scott, PacWest OCE

Candice Wilson committed suicide.

Case Addendum 5: Mr. Jeffry, Unknown location

Please rate your satisfaction with your interaction with PacWest OCE on a scale of 1 to 5, with one being the least satisfied and 5 being the most satisfied:


Please rate the competence of your case CEO on a scale from 1 to 5 with 1 being least competent and 5 being the most competent:


Please rate your satisfaction with your interaction with PacWest OCE Dispatch on a scale of 1 to 5, with one being the least satisfied and 5 being the most satisfied:


Thank you for rating PacWest OCE, your answers are helpful. If we have any questions on your ratings, may we contact you?


Please let us know of any comments or suggestions:

Thank you for your help Mr. Scott and Dispatch you were both very helpful.

I had my doubts about the seemingly ridiculous Government we setup after the war but I am a firm believer now. Take care.

Best Regards,
Jeffry and Jackie

Little Girl Gone

(from Landmark OCE Judgments of Mr. Scott, Tokyo University Press, 29)

Incoming (whistle, BOOM)

July 12, 2014 Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Characterization, Not Exactly Random, Setting, The Craft  0 Comments

While it may be a bit silly to write a blog post on a blog post, I feel some explanation is in order for the incoming short story.

I have a world-building notebook that sometimes I type in when I’m stuck with a concept, plot detail, characterization, or thematic. Sometimes I realize I need to ramble a bit on-topic but off the rails in order to solidify my thoughts.

Blog wise, I’ve had this ongoing series about cases Mr. Scott, a character in the Lexus Toulouse Mysteries, solved when he was a Constitutional Enforcement Officer. I do it mainly to explore libertarian concepts in the future.

The next blog post is one of those “case files.” As such the whole is intentionally all tell and no show. But, strangely enough, there is a lot of showing by this telling. It’s long, but as I work towards finishing book two, I thought a few readers might be interested in my thought processes around the world Lexus and Mr. Scott live in, and receive some entertainment at the same time.

The story is over 6,200 words and has mature, provocative themes.

Signed Hardcover Edition of Michael Z. Williamson’s Freehold on Amazon

March 11, 2014 Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Awesomesauce, Characterization, Plot, Setting, The Craft  0 Comments

Freehold by Michael Z. Williamson is his groundbreaking debut while at the same time, the definitive libertarian science fiction genre reboot. That it came from the publisher Baen is just icing on the cake.

As most of my 32.5 readers know, I’m huge fan of eBooks. I do, however, buy hardcovers on occasion both as collector items and to share with other people. I bought the the Limited Edition Hardcover edition of Freehold the moment it went on sale. You can get it from Amazon here.

I consider the two great libertarian sci-fi works to be The Moon is a Harsh Mistress and Freehold. Check it out. You can also get the Kindle version on Amazon for the nice price of free.

I read Freehold once a year. It is my go-to book for a libertarian sci-fi fix. It’s that good. It’s way less preaching and way more action than many books before it examining the same topic.

Click to buy on Amazon

Click to buy on Amazon

My Awesome Query Letter WORKED!

February 11, 2014 Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Awesomesauce, Characterization, Plot, Setting, The Craft  3 Comments


Dear Tony,

I outlined a kick-ass near-future urban fantasy over the weekend. It was a lot of effort but I believe you will be pleased with the story: a cross between Supernatural and Dexter featuring a man who likes lots of guns, sharp pointy things, explosions and wizard spells. Wizards spells, you know, that would give him an edge against the devil, demons, urban wizards, witches and other malcontents. He works for Death as a trouble-shooter. For those times when a normal death won’t do. Lots of series potential.

Let me know what you think!

Best Regards,
Anthony Pacheco


Dear Anthony,

Oh fuck yes.

Best Regards,

Deep Mountain Studios

Deep Mountain Studios

Libertarian Sexuality, Part 1: Human Sexual Behavior 101

April 10, 2013 Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Not Exactly Random, Setting, The Craft  1 Comment

The Question:

We know authors portray libertarian societies as monogamous with a side of polygamy and polyamory, but there are other types of long-term relationships. For example the m+n/f LTR, where one woman has multiple husbands (defined as polyandry). How does this all work in a free society? Was Heinlein ahead of his time or a dirty old man?


A libertarian society would see these types of LTRs, which do occur throughout human history and also in the animal kingdom. Let’s talk about a hypothetical future with an emphasis on polyandry, as the main character in Armageddon’s Princess, Lexus, starts out with four husbands while she is the only wife. My world-building research, not simply amusement, contributed to the speculative validity of her (libertarian) marriage.

This is a three-part series:

  • Human Sexual Behavior 101
  • The Present: Doom, Doom, & More Doom
  • A Libertarian Future: Monogamy, Polyamory, Polyandry & Polygamy


To understand how polyandry and other relationships that end in “y” work in humans, let’s define human behaviors outside of gender-relational wishful thinking. In other words, jettison current Western Feminism Dogma for the false-dichotomy it is and deal with facts.

Yeah, I went there.

The Basics of Human Sexuality Without Dogmatic Politically Correct BS

We can divide this discussion right along the sexes: the male imperative and the female imperative.

The Male Imperative

The male imperative is blazingly obvious but modern men and women both attempt to ignore or marginalize it. Sperm is not just cheap, biologically speaking, its way cheap. Sperm is so plentiful a human male will jettison the excess through masturbation.

A human male is good to go when he can find a female willing to engage in intercourse. The more attractive the male is, the more females he can engage to deposit his genetic material into. All men a woman finds attractive can, through the pair-bounding process, create a monogamous relationship where the female is only interested in engaging sex with him despite her feminine imperative.

They call it making love for a reason. A woman attracted to a man gets “high” off a dopamine response. During intercourse, if the man brings the woman to climax, not only will she receive genetic material, she receives an oxytocin punch to her neural response system.

Literally, the male is drugging his mate with love, a one-two punch and the foundation of the pair-bounding process. If backed by cultural reinforcement, the pair-bonding process also creates monogamy and life-time mating.

Why discuss the mechanics of sex specifically impacting women? In the men’s section?

That’s the male imperative. To have sex. We’ll come back to this later.

The Female Imperative

The female imperative is hypergamy.

Hypergamy is the biological feminine drive to mate and secure commitment from a man whose relative attractiveness to her is higher than her own attractiveness. In different words, mate selection is the genetic drive to produce the best offspring she can.

Not only is this feminine imperative, but a duality inherent in all women. They seek sex and commitment. A man can impregnate a woman with little biological commitment. A woman, however, once impregnated, not only consumes more resources than when not, but she is also “spending” her body in a nine month pregnancy followed by, by modern standards, eighteen years of child-raising commitment.

A woman lies on her back, spreads her legs and offers a man her sex: this is a biological offer for a man to ride in the ultimate luxury car. It could be a short ride or the ride of his life, but for a woman sex is an impending biological sacrifice on an epic scale.

This sacrifice is so foundational to a woman’s make up hypergamy is akin to a woman breathing and an undeniable sexual drive rooted in life and death. Without hypergamy a woman could invest her entire life and offspring to a sub-standard male of lower genetic status. Not too long ago, mating with the wrong man meant death.

Many say bad things about hypergamy, but biology doesn’t care. Many also define hypergamy as “marrying up.” That is a simplistic definition of the female imperative.

Hypergamy is the biological force in a woman which dramatically reduces her chance of getting knocked up by a douche-bag who cannot provide for her and her offspring nor keep them safe. She snaps her legs closed. She does not offer the man a ride in her Lexus. She tells him to go pork a Pinto.

Strong as the female imperative is, it is not wishful thinking to recognize the pair-bonding process will dampen a woman’s drive to replace one man with a better one, as long as her current mate remains attractive to her. Making love is a giant, orgasmic sex drug for a woman (and men, but that’s a different story) and can turn her into a slut. She is a monogamous slut only for her man because of her biological drive, as long as she perceives qualities in him which are better than her own. Hypergamy, pervasive that she is, actually sets the conditions for pair-bonding and long-term relationships.

But what hypergamy giveth, hypergamny taketh away. As soon as her mate ceases to be attractive to her, all bets are off. Hypergamy kicks in, and with a vengeance. Remember, the woman is deciding to make a life-altering biological change. Why would she make babies with someone she isn’t attracted to and repulsed by? This directly translates to DON’T HAVE SEX. This DON’T HAVE SEX bit has many names. The Friend Zone. Divorce. Serial Monogamy. I Love You But I Am Not In Love With You™. Whatever you call it, thy name is legion:

Hypergamy. The feminine imperative.

Biology Doesn’t Care

We’ve talked about love but only from a biological standpoint in the pair-bounding process.  I didn’t talk about romantic love because biology doesn’t care. Biology doesn’t care about a lot of things and coupled with that factoid this post serves as the foundation for understanding human sexuality. This seems simple and is simple. Humans are highly adaptive. Genetics root this species specific trait in cold-hard reality.

Let’s go over some examples.  One classic misunderstood example is birth control.

Mr. and Mrs. Biology Scoff at Your Scientific Advancements

A woman can choose when to get pregnant. This ushered in a sexual revolution, right?

Wrong. Evolutionary biology doesn’t care about birth control, at least not yet. All sex, for a woman’s brain, is make-a-baby-sex. All. If she has sex while ovulating the female brain goes “We’re making a baby! Yeah!” Before ovulation, her brain goes “Wooooo! Give me some of this white stuff because it sticks around for five days!” So-on-and-so-forth.

The emotional response to sex is not the body saying, “Well, this is sex and I’m ovulating, but because I have a diaphragm in, I won’t get pregnant. Let’s not pair-bound, Ms. Body, either, despite the fact I’ve had three orgasms and this guy is hot, because I’m still working on my B.A.”

A woman’s hormonal system will care she is on the pill. Behavior traits based on millions of years of sexuality don’t.

Let’s talk about the other side of the coin, men.

Mr. and Mrs. Biology Don’t Give Rip if You Think Objectification is Bad

Today, many tell men to not objectify women because that’s sexist and ultimately misogynistic. Objectification, they say, is the moral basis for patriarchal systems and everything bad in men.

Despite evidence of evolutionary traits men find attractive, somehow a man must ignore the massive amounts of testosterone in his body (as compared to a woman) and the theory of evolution and not objectify a woman he just met?

Ignoring women also initially objectify men they desire, for men, the pair-bounding process replaces objectivity with idealistic notions of romance and love (much more so for men than women!). Yet somehow initial attraction, wanting (not necessarily doing but simply wanting) sex with nubile Katie without getting to know her is bad.

Biology doesn’t care. Biology doesn’t care about the “unfairness” of Katie’s long legs and big boobs while Sally is an A cup and therefore men should appreciate Sally just as much as Katie. It’s not supposed to be fair. It’s the male imperative. If a woman thinks this is bad, that’s her problem. Not his.

I end this post with a rational examination of sex-attributed behaviors and not a moralistic approach because in the next, we’ll expose all the dirty laundry. My mantra as we look at the current state before moving to a future state of monogamy, polyandry and polygamy roots itself in this notion:

The human brain is a meat computer. Emotions and feelings are tangible things running around a brain like software. Evolutionary biology is the runtime basis defining how the brain runs these programs.

No sacred cow will be safe in the next post of this series. Hold on to yer butts. Despite the looming negativity, keep in mind libertarianism is a positive endeavor in almost all things.

Including smooching:

From Girl to Woman

Libertarian Sexuality, Part 1: Human Sexual Behavior 101, first appeared in Who Said Pixies Are Rational Creatures? in April 2013. For more information on Anthony Pacheco and his books, please visit his website.

The Making of Book 2’s Cover

March 04, 2013 Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Awesomesauce, Setting, The Craft  0 Comments

Armageddon’s Princess is a science fiction murder mystery that stands alone. I spent an enormous amount of time and effort to make sure readers have a complete end-to-end storytelling experience without purchasing the next book in the series.

I gotta tell ya though, book 2, The Wælcyrie Murders,  is kicking some serious ass, and here’s Duncan Long’s blog post on the creation of its awesome cover. Click on the cover to go to Duncan’s place and check it out:

Click here to go to Duncan's post.

Guest Post by Sarah A. Hoyt: Holding Daddy’s Hand

February 19, 2013 Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Awesomesauce, Not Exactly Random, Plot, Setting, The Craft  1 Comment

smallsarahThe wise owner of this blog said recently that The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress needs no reboot, and I’m not stupid enough to argue.

In a way he’s absolutely right. The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress is perfect of itself, vying with The Puppet Masters for my most favorite Heinlein ever, which is to say, vying with Puppet Masters for my favorite book of all time.

Which happened to be to our purpose, nothing. Meaning what Heinlein wrote was perfect for Heinlein and for his Universe, but when I finished Darkship Thieves, both my publisher and I decided it was time to open a can of whoop… er… behind on the Self-Satisfied Good Men of Earth.

Partly this was born of logic. After all, well, once you have that complete control, you are certainly going to be hurting the society that hosts you. Any parasite that grows to large is going to do that and government is always a parasite, in the sense that it creates nothing, and can’t live without its host. (Whether it benefits the host on the other hand, is something we might discuss. I mean, I hear these days that intestinal worms are good for you, they decrease auto-immune disorders. Maybe a small, controlled government decreases incidences of tyranny. I don’t know. Maybe we should have a small government and try it.)

Partly this was born of the fact that my publisher and I are both blood-thirsty broads with a nasty disposition. The Good Men annoyed us, and therefore, the Good Men must come down.

So… I was left to plot revolution. When in this type of situation, I go to Heinlein whose writing can be defined as “teaching young people how to plot revolution.”

Well, I can’t say I’m young, but yes. So I did read The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress. And I thought “Okay, then, now let’s try it without a supercomputer.” “Let’s try it without a closed system like the moon” and “Let’s try it without the people we’re fighting against being at the bottom of the gravity well.”

The result was, of course, an unholy mess. In fact, it was such a messy mess, I couldn’t contain it under the Darkship Thieves series except very loosely.

The revolution starts with the escape from Never-Never at the end of Darkship Thieves of the disowned son of a Good Man. It starts not because he has high ideals, but because he would like to stay alive. (The high ideals come later.) It will end – because it’s across the whole Earth – twenty some years later, in a battle royale. In between there are many revolutions. The one in A Few Good Men is in the seacity of Olympus and its land-dependencies. The one in Liberte seacity – the next book, Through Fire – goes SERIOUSLY wrong.

And meanwhile Eden, the center of Darkship Thieves and Darkship Renegades is finding the limitations of a society with no written law (which is relevant considering we’ve decided to ignore our written law. Er… I mean, it’s complete science fiction, never mind.)

Darkship Renegades came out in December. A Few Good Men comes out in March. I have contracts in my hands for Through Fire and what might turn into Darkship Vengeance.

A friend told me I was writing Heinlein homage, but I don’t think I am. I’m also not writing Heinlein reboot, because when it comes to writing science fiction, compared to him I am but an egg.

It is just that I grew up IN Heinlein’s books, and as such it’s difficult to escape certain assumptions about how the world works, and how the future will go. Not ALL assumptions, of course, because we’re not the same people. But in general, we seem to be in accord about what matters: Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I’m no more doing Heinlein homage than your kid does you homage when his walk is a lot like yours. It’s not that he sat out to imitate you. It’s that he learned to walk while holding your hand.

And in a way that’s what I’m doing – writing space opera, holding daddy’s hand.

There are worse things I could do.

(And because I promised Anthony I’d mention it – I’ve corrupted my entire family with Portuguese Kale soup. This is difficult since we are, of course, on a low carb diet, so the potato base to thicken the water is right out. BUT I make broth from spicy sausage. Then I boil and mash some cauliflower. And then I drop in the julienned Kale. Particularly good on a cold, cold night in Colorado.)

[Admin: Thanks Sarah for stopping by! Links to Sarah’s awesome  latest and upcoming books are here: The Sporadic, Spasmodic, Self Promo Post]

A Few Good Men

Libertarian Science Fiction: Failure to Feed

February 15, 2013 Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Characterization, Plot, Setting, The Craft  3 Comments

On one hand, I feel somewhat guilty for having a high-traffic blog post that was, at the core, fluff.

On the other, I now have a good idea what some want to read about. So let’s first talk about libertarian speculative DNA.

Libertarian Science Fiction DNA, Anthony Style

In the beginning (for me), there was Robert Heinlein, and it was good. Followed up with Vernor Vinge (The Ungoverned was brilliant). Then there was a back-peddle to Atlas Shrugged.

Then there was David Weber and the libertarian themes in the Honor Harrington books, an impressive feat where the main system of government was a monarchy. But the total send up of The People’s Republic of Haven and the Solarian League was a blatant libertarian f-you to their contemporary counterparts.

Then there was, what, really? Oh sure, Baen carried the speculative libertarian fiction torch and I’m sure there is something on my library selves I’ve forgotten, but what followed was a wasteland. The trail blazed went cold. What we were left with was… message-y. A lot.

Enter Michael Z. Williamson in 2003 with Freehold. Freehold is unapologetic anarcho-capitalism libertarian science fiction at its finest, and the related novel, The Weapon, was an orgy of the destruction of statism and all of its evils. For a time. We’ll come back to Williamson.

Then… crickets. We must travel seven years to come to another (Baen) author who went Full Monty Heinlein, Sarah A. Hoyt with Darkship Thieves.

And finally we come to the supremely 80’s deliciousness of Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.

Libertarian Science Fiction v2.0

My assertion is Williamson rebooted libertarian science fiction. He drove home the obvious evils of statism in absurd detail, provided a large backdrop centered around anarcho-capitalism and projected the triumph of the individual directly into the reader’s brain. A reader following his science fiction books from Freehold to present receives this delicious Libertarian Science Fiction v2.0 meal.

It’s a delicious meal, but it seems to me that Sarah Hoyt is the most serious about pulling up a chair to this rich and wonderful feast. And many of the chairs around the table are sadly empty.

Let me explain what I mean by v2.0: After embarking on the Williamson Trail of Statist Tears, I don’t even need to define what Libertarian Science Fiction is. Readers get it. Libertarians get it. Science Fiction fans get it, and let’s not be coy: any recent book about an anarcho-capitalist society is pure libertarian culture brilliance and when I say brilliance I mean fucking brilliance.

There is no need to reboot The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

But there is a very clear need to offer a current cultural heartbeat to what the core of libertarian science fiction is. And Williamson meets that need with a sledgehammer . He’s still swinging it today.

Failure to Feed

And here we are. I classified a previous novel I wrote as libertarian gun-nut speculative fiction: a blend of urban fantasy and contemporary thriller.  It lives under my bed.

I shoved it under my bed for the simple reason that what I want to write is books that I want to read. And I want to read libertarian science fiction. I really, really do. And I think many other people out there want to do so too.

There’s a lot of science fiction out there that, as a libertarian, drives me up the wall. Most of the science fiction I’ve been reading lately is message fiction with a side of progressive love affair of replacing one socialistic society with a (supposedly) better socialistic society, usually in a dystopian orgy of carnage and destruction.

I don’t want to read that. I want to read speculative fiction that triumphs the trail of liberty sitting before us.

I am convinced there is a want to read this genre in both books for adults and books for young adults. And when was the last time any of us read a young adult libertarian science fiction book?



This is a failure to feed. When a low-detailed blog post about “Red Pill Science Fiction” gathers over ten times my daily traffic, there’s a need going untapped. I decided several years ago to jump into this pool of speculative freedom-loving goodness with both feet and eyes wide open. I have plans. Notice in this essay I do not go into detail of what all these “ism’s” are. I know you know. And now you know I know you know.

How refreshing is that?

The Care and Feeding of Libertarian Word-Building

What do I like to read in libertarian science fiction? I like to read a book where the author has done some serious world-building. And when I mean serious, I mean avoiding pitfalls that seem obvious to me in “mainstream” science fiction while pulling on the strings now present from the Libertarian Science Fiction v2.0 reboot.

Gender Culture and Libertarianism

Science fiction has a serious gender problem. Feminism and libertarianism are diametrically opposed and thus a large swath of science fiction steeped in this feminism  is distasteful to the libertarian. But more than that, the relationship between genders often have a genesis in poor analysis. For example, every major war the United States participates in shifts gender relations. Every. Single. One. Yet this area remains largely unexplored in science fiction, but not in libertarian science fiction. Notice in libertarian science fiction men are men and women are women. Libertarian femininity is a biological construct and women conform to evolutionary psychological reactions. It ignores what people have told us women are in order to feed us a brand of dogma which, at its core, is the antithesis of libertarianism.

Yes, I went there. In fact, my Lexus Toulouse mysteries go there hard.

Feminism relies on coercion by the use of force. The use of force for coercion is the core evil of any libertarian speculative book. A libertarian society has a completely different set of cultural norms for gender relations. Completely. So what does it look like?

And how does technology impact women’s relationships to the men? For example, stick a woman in powered armor and you can speculate that she has a significant impact not only on the battlefield, but also into the gathering of resources. And the “so what?” of that is that has a tremendous impact on how men relate to her. Yet this technology also has tremendous (negative) impact to a woman’s psychological ability to cope with a sustained war.

Raise your hand if you’ve read a science fiction book where women deal with the aftermath of war just like men.

Wow. I thought so.

How do men function in a libertarian society? Really. Like, what does it look like when a man isn’t forced to do anything because of, well, anything, really. How does the lack of coercion shape cultural norms?  One answer to that is men behave differently when not constantly told they are evil and bad so they better be (nice, submissive, feminine, etc.)

Because, you know, most men aren’t evil and bad. In the lack of a war on boys, what kind of men do boys become?

Now, I did come up with a scenario of a  matriarchal libertarian society, and that’s in my Lexus Toulouse mysteries. Think about it.

Kids and Teens

Completely related to gender norms is the largely unexplored realm of what children and teen culture looks like in the future. The teen of today is not the teen of two hundred years from now, but that’s a major assumption present in most science fiction books. In fact, this is a largely unexplored contemporary area, too. Despite all the come-of-age books and movies, what was the real shift from the teen before WWI and the teen after WWII? I know it was significant, but how significant was it?

Libertarianism is the triumph of society through the advancement of the individual without coercion. That impacts children. Deeply and completely.

Corporations and Centralism

Holy freaking glow-in-the-dark cow on a pogo stick. The evil mega-corporation troupe must die. Die, die, die, die, die. Not because it’s a  leftist circle-jerk (messy and sad) but because it makes no logical sense. It makes no logical sense because corporatism is a big failure because centralization is a big failure. And the more technology we throw at centralization, the bigger the failure is going to be. And somehow, technology, which, time and time again in the last 100 years, have proven to empower, not reduce, the individual. So we have tech making big things fall hard, and tech making little things jump out of the way.

That’s libertarianism, Baby. It’s almost as if the history of technology in these science fictions books undergoes redefinition and re-purposed to suit some not-so-subtle war on capitalism.

Hmmmm, that sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

The De-Centralization of the Military

Not a libertarian concept per se, but a libertarian society, when faced with an obvious threat, will absolutely re-tool itself to deal with that threat.

There are other considerations. For example, logistics. Why do you need a central logistical supply chain when the logistics guy can make his own stuff for his platoon? What does a command structure look like when a decentralized and distributed society goes to war?

I bet it’s different. I bet it’s way different.

And like the mega-corporation, there are thematics here that need to die, and die hard. The allegory for the Vietnam War is done. We’ve all read the Forever War. Forever War–that’s it. We’re done, okay?

And excuse me, while I am ranting, Sometimes it’s as if the real writers who’ve gone to war don’t exist. It’s as if David Drake didn’t write Hammer’s Slammers.

But I digress.

The Author-Reader Bargain

In my series, I do not cram my libertarian genetic code down a reader’s throat and as an aside, neither did anyone else I’ve mentioned thus far. Even Williamson didn’t so much tell, through the wonderfully voiced Kendra, what libertarianism is despite that Freehold is Librarian Science Fiction 101. No, he showed what it is through her child-like eyes. It was a message book devoid of a message, a pretty neat trick and a clear sign of storytelling talent.

In Armageddon’s Princess, I do not preach at you through the Princess. Lexus, as the Princess Concubine spends a considerable amount of time seeking sex and getting laid. And when she isn’t chasing or offering tail, she’s hell-bent on catching bad guys. And when she’s not doing any of those she is trying to simply live with the aftermath of a terrible, terrible war.

That, in a sense, is the apex of my world-building for this series. I believe that if a future libertarian people went to war, that war would be an awful thing. It would be total and it would be complete and when it was over the horror of it would be unfathomable and unbearable.

I may be a rehabilitated hack writer, but, if you’ve come here looking for science fiction swimming around libertarian philosophy, I promise to at least deliver some type of speculative meal. I believe so strongly that there is a desire to read this type of speculative fiction, I have no hesitation in alienating a potential reader that hates my guts with this post simply because I don’t subscribe to the statist cult.


Happy New Year and Anthony’s Best Book of 2012 Award

January 01, 2013 Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Awesomesauce, Characterization, Plot, Setting, The Craft  0 Comments

Hello my 27.6 readers!

Happy New Year. I plan on making a year in review post, but I consider this a special category. What new book in 2012 did I feel was the best?

I read a considerable amount this year, despite my terrible Goodreads updates. Most of this goodness was on my Kindle, and the Kindle Paperwhite has accelerated my book reading with its pure design awesomeness. At $119 + cover and some unobtrusive, actually useful ads, this is a reader’s device and I am a reader.

But, I digress.

Out of all the books I read, one stands out as the winner and yes, you can rank books from the best to the worst.

Ken Kiser’s Fifthwind is the clear winner of 2012. From a storytelling standpoint, it’s a throw-back to the Sword and Sorcery days of yor before everything got pretentious, message-y and emo. As epic fantasy, it is a stunning debut. The novel also has great pacing, obviously edited with loving care and delivers across the board on action, world-building and best of all, a refreshingly masculine but not arrogant protagonist. Check out the reviews on Amazon.

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