Stepford Wives in Stockholm with Confirmation Bias

My intent with Blog Reboot Plus Plus is not to bash on Facebook, but a bit of context is in order.

Facebook is a dystopian nightmare that warrants disengagement.

In the spring, I realized that I have blocked more people on Facebook than I have friends on my Friends list. Sometime earlier, I realized that I cannot block posts that reference a particular website. I relied on this feature to cut the inane, political bullshit from my “progressive” friends whom as we approach 2020 Trump Reelection, have become increasingly unhinged. Only unhinged by proxy via a link to a click-bait “commentary” site.

(As a digression, the NeoCons and Boomers (but a Boomer that isn’t a hippy is redundant with NeoCons) have gone 90% dark unless there is a snarky meme involved.)

But I digress.

Facebook pokes at me in other ways (and not the fun poke, either). There was good content from my friends’ list, but I increasingly could not get to it. Occasionally I could not link to a YouTube music video because the video was tagged as “fake news.” But that was innocuous annoyances.

So when two out of the three Facebook groups migrated to MeWe after Facebook gave their admins shit, I, like many others of the same groups, disengaged from Facebook. I unsubscribed from all the groups and pages I was following, and posted on my wall:

This Is My Second-To-Last Facebook Post.

Ladies and Gentlemen, other than the ultra-secret squrl private group that has not migrated away (yet), I’ve moved on from Facebook. I’ve left all the groups I belonged to and unfollowed any page that wasn’t a person.

People who know and understand me recognize that I detest being told what to think. Facebook has turned into a dystopian nightmare on the category of “he beats me because he loves me,” but on a global scale.

A couple of years ago, Facebook removed the ability to hide links from external sites. Over time, inane political links have started to clutter my feed, usually from low-IQ Baby Boomers or Goose Stepping Progressive Left Authoritarians.

I have come to the conclusion that many of you are experts in your relevant fields, and therefore think you’re experts in politics. This is rarely the case. Many of you suck at politics. Like, you’re really super bad at it.

I appreciate everyone here. Some of you I would crawl on broken glass through a burning building if that’s what you needed.

My bottom line is I don’t feel safe on Facebook. There is a distinct lack of forgiveness throughout this decayed social network. Some of you have turned bitter and vindictive. We are all flawed creatures; that’s the human condition. I encourage you to reach out to friends and family on more productive services than this creepy online hellscape.

When Trump is reelected next year, I’ll make my last Facebook post—about how this was all too predictable, you only have yourself to blame—and then delete my account. Going out like a right asshole.

Best Regards,

Immediately, I noticed threads from others that belonged to these groups chastising, making fun of, accusing of hypocrisy (heh), and generally disparaging people escaping the psychological hellscape that is Facebook.

Exsqueeze me? Really? Come on, folks.

They sounded like Stepford Wives in Stockholm with Confirmation Bias.

“Facebook–he beats me because he loves me.”

Join me on MeWe.


I started blogging in 2008. I made friends; surprisingly also enemies. I even made enemies out of friends and friends out of enemies. I used to derive a lot of enjoyment from blogging.

Like most bloggers, I ditched blogging for Facebook. Over time, slowly. The words “passive-aggressive see-ya-bai” come to mind.

I don’t post on Facebook anymore.

Welcome to the new (old) blog, my friends.

Facebook can go fuck itself.

With a spoon.