Forgive Them Their Debts

What. The. Everloving. Fuck.

I admit that I can be unforgiving on occasion. It’s not a significant burden, but a small part of my makeup, yeah? I am only human.

And I admit, based on my past, I can have a lack of empathy for the complainers complaining about innocuous things.

So let’s turn to the neocon-infused boomer lack of any type of analytical viewpoint, much less empathy, over student loan debt. The sneering and disparagement of these people mired in debt are one of the most un-Christian things I’ve ever experienced.

Let’s break it down, shall we?

The Lie of Student Loan Debt

We lie to young kids, before they are adults, that the only way to get ahead in life is to go to college. Their teachers tell them that, their parents tell them that, the colleges tell them that, and on-and-on, so-on and so forth. This message is everywhere, and it is only now that some people are stepping up and saying, “Hey, this college thing isn’t a good idea for most people.”

The Money

So based on this falsehood, all of these proto-adults go to college. Many of them get degrees of some usage. Many of them don’t. And many obtain overwhelming student loan debt.

Let me type that out for the folks who don’t get it:

They obtain overwhelming student loan debt.

The Debt

The debt cannot be discharged by legal means. The government(s) sticks their nose into the process on almost every level. For loan guarantees that artificially raise the price of the tuition to mind-numbing, bank-account obliterating heights–to debts that cannot be discharged like almost all others in the United States.

So now these young adults leave college with overwhelming student loan debt.

The Consequences

  • These young people cannot buy a house.
  • These people cannot get a proper car loan.
  • These young people cannot buy a house.
  • These people cannot get reasonable interest rates on credit cards.
  • These young people cannot buy a house.
  • These people must repay this debt for a degree that increasingly has little benefit.
  • These young people cannot buy a house.
  • And if they want to start a family–they can’t buy a house.

The Suck of Student Loan Debt

So here we are, young people, lied to at almost every turn, settled with soul-crushing debt. And the response from “conservatives” and “libertarians” is to ridicule them with memes, tell them that they should have been smarter, tell them they have only themselves to blame, ect., etc.

Economic Suck of Student Loan Debt

Let’s talk about economics. We are describing an entire generation that is fucked in this corporate-capitalistic society. Just royally boned. These former college students have this financial sword of Damocles hanging over their own head, a sword that was put there by deceit and lies.

Societal Suck of Student Loan Debt

How about we talk about one societal aspect that this debt impacts. The cultural cost of not having these folks able to buy houses is legion. It’s hard enough starting a family–could you start one if there was no way you could see that you could put your family in a house? What’s the economic impact of an entire generation unable to buy a home because they need to pay back a debt for a service that, only now, they realize doesn’t benefit them at all.

Is the magnitude of student loan debt finally reaching you?

  • College costs more today than it did when you were in college.
  • College cost considerably more today than when your parents were in college.
  • College cost considerably more today than at any time in American history relative to the cost of other major expenses.
  • Working a bunch of jobs while going to college today will not prevent this debt.

Personal Suck of Student Loan Debt

And the cost to the actual person in this situation is terrible. These people live in fear. And it kills them. Slowly. And almost all of the conservative and libertarians on Facebook (there I go again, bashing it), when presented with this problem was to point and laugh.

Shame on you.

Let’s confiscate the colleges’ endowments and pay off these students’ debts. Or a multitude of any other solutions other than fucking over an entire generation from This American Life.

These debtors need our help. Right now. They need forgiveness. Like the Bible tells us, right in the Lord’s Prayer.

Walk with God. And don’t live in fear.