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Welcome! About me:

Yes, I still go by Tony, but since I have a web presence as Anthony Pacheco: Rehabilitated Hack Writer, I have decided to go by Anthony. My mother always wanted me to go by Anthony, so, Mom, here ya go.

I am an IT project manager consultant, researcher and analyst. Essentially, what I do is make sure my clients don’t screw up on their projects like I used to.

In my spare time, I smooch the wife, play with the kids, harass the dog and play human scratching post to the cats. Separate from that, I’m a novelist.

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I work in the Bellevue, Seattle, Kirkland and Redmond. In that order. Literally, one week I was in each of those locations. Drop me a note and we can do lunch or coffee. Coffee is good. Espresso. With cream. Some cream. Not a lot of cream. Because that would be a latte. And I am still allergic to milk. But I still put cream in my Americano. Because I AM A REBEL, FEAR MY REBEL-NESS!

I love to hear from old friends digging me up from the days of yore. Just remember, people mature at different rates. I matured mostly after 30. Since I married in 1994, you may be wondering how The Wife Unit put up with me during those prior years. I’m wondering the same thing. I believe it was my good looks and cheerful disposition. Or my cooking. I make a mean cheesy enchilada la crème dish. We’re talking major CHEESE here folks. It’s a dish so good, that it causes women in a five-hundred yard radius to spontaneously ovulate.

But I digress. How are you?


About HW Novels
You can find more information about my novels here. Mystery, science fiction and fantasy, for adults and teens, hold my current fancy. Thank you very much for visiting!

The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employers views in any way.


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