Doggo Unleashed

If you thought the loveable, but moldy old she-cat was my fav pet, y’all don’t know me.

Behold! I give you George, the 1/2 Greyhound, 1/2 Black Lab!

George is trying to tell me something important and wants to be sure I listen.
This is my bone. There are many like it; this one is mine.
George still thinks he is a puppy.
This is George’s Glow Ball. It glows in different colors at night. When he runs around in the dark, it looks like a ball floating around by itself.
My ball. Come and try to take it. Loser.
Snow will not stop me from running around like a spider-monkey on crank.
George is one handsome dude.
Feeling kinda cute. Might lick my butt and then your face later. IDK