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May 15, 2016  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Not Exactly Random   0 Comments

I’m still writing my little heart out when I have the time. Did not mean for things to go so dark on my blog.

Part ownership in a new business, a technology start-up, is now a new add to my already over-loaded schedule. It’s exciting! But now I have three careers: my day job, which is related to the new business, the new business, and my writing career. I may be crazy, but it’s a productive type of crazy. Unfortunately my brain just turns off when I do a lot of writing in my day job, and right now I’m typing a lot of–stuffs.

Last year I doubled my book sales. I’m in this for the long haul. My imprint, Deep Mountain Studios, is all set to feed readers and listeners and is a viable business. I simply need to give it quality content.

Book wise, Death by Lingerie has seen big improvements in the re-write of the opening chapters. I’m eager to finish the book and get it to my editor.

All the best,

Death by Lingerie - E-Cover 520w

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