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Death By Lingerie Cover Art

February 04, 2015  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Awesomesauce, The Craft   0 Comments

I’ve always been a big fan of Oliver Wetter’s work, so when I heard that he still does cover art, I sent him a query and funds and with a sense of the setting along with the direction to make the wrap-around dark, disturbing and sexy.

This was the result for Death By Lingerie:

Death by LingerieClick here to get a larger, glorious view.

I love working with a great cover artist. The prior two cover artists, Eve Venture (book one) and Duncan Long (book two) produced unique art, which is one of the benefits of commissioning your own artwork. Eve set about capturing a Japanese, feminine esthetic while Duncan managed to say a lot of things in his portrayal of Lexus in a simple setting that turned out to be anything but.

Commissioned artwork is not cheap, but it lasts the lifetime of the book and the lifetime of the book for all intents and purposes, is forever. Admittedly, I am a cover slut. I love a great cover and I so when I deliver  a book, I set about to both reward the reader and also entice the reader.

Book Three is dark, more so than the previous two books. Lexus finds herself in a bad place, mentally, and if you’ve read the first two books you know that she wasn’t all there to begin with. Sometimes the fog of war drops not on the battlefield, but onto a soldier long after the war is over.

Oliver’s cover captures that feeling perfectly. Lexus may be a mental mess, but she is the Goddess of War. Even at her most feminine, she’ll never escape her past because the past was hers to shape. Oliver’s post-apocalyptic scene brings that to life, and I’m really happy with it.

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