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The Wælcyrie Murders Kindle Pre-Order is Live

November 10, 2014  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: The Craft   1 Comment

Click! Click, my pretties! $2.99 How can you not click and pre-order?

Pre-ordering the Kindle book will help me out immensely.

Out of the Gifford-Pinchot Forest stumbles a wælcyrie, shot with irradiated bullets and radiation poisoned unto death. To kill a wælcyrie, a slowly dying species engineered by humans in the war to help them fight is an unforgivable, vile crime. Lexus vows to bring the killer to justice, even if she has to go undercover in one of the worst places she can imagine: high school.

And man, do I ever love this cover. I loves it so muchies! The wrap-around version for the hardcover is also spectacular.

While the go-live date on Amazon is set for January 30, the book will go live before then.

Click and Pre-Order. Click! Click!

Click and Pre-Order. Click! Click!

The Wælcyrie Murders by Anthony Pacheco
Editing by Jamie Wilson
Cover Art by Duncan Long
Cover Design and Layout by Kate Strawbridge, Dwell Design & Press

Comments on “The Wælcyrie Murders Kindle Pre-Order is Live

  1. Libro Vore November 11, 2014 at 12:12 pm

    Finadamnly! I’ve worn most of the bits off my e-copy of AP waiting.

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