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Theft by Proxy Starts at Home

July 15, 2014  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Anthonyisms   0 Comments

Large groups of people thinking it’s okay to coerce a corporation into spending money in obtuse and morally bankrupt ways starts at home. Modern Western parenting frequently has adults giving children a gift or possession, only to take it away for punishment.

I did this myself with the old original Xbox. Twice. The first time I thought, hey, this thing is pretty good leverage. The second time I did it I felt slimy and I really didn’t understand why. So I stopped. I formulated a proto-libertarian attitude. My kids stuff was their stuff.

It was only after continually watching many people delve into histrionics on blogs/Twitter/Facebook from some faux social justice outrage (of which there is one about once a week) did I come to realize the extent of the learned helplessness around me. Repeatedly giving a child something they dearly covet only to repeatedly snatch, or threaten to snatch it back, creates an environment where property is fleeting. It’s okay for the government to tax you and derive little social benefit. Heck, that started when you were two!

And so what if we make it okay to do that to our neighbor? Or boss? A group of people other than our tribe? After all mom and dad did it. Money isn’t even a thing. It’s an abstraction, one step away from the commodity or luxury. It’s not theft. It’s authority.

The SCOTUS Hobby Lobby decision was much to do about nothing in the grand scheme of things. SCOTUS has been giving the finger to the Obama administration for years and the ruling yesterday wasn’t even on a law. It was targeted to petty overreaching bureaucrats. Obamacare (soon to be like VA care) is still here.

But the reaction was sure telling. The lack of logic. The outright lies and distortions. The complete lack of understanding of what a right is and is not.

Property rights are the hallmark of freedom and an advanced culture free of coercive and violent influences. Theft by proxy is still theft, but for those growing up where parents teach the opposite, the opposition of proxy theft cuts too close to the bone and irrationality is the one obvious defensive result.

Please Mommy Don't Take My Stuff

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