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All My Graphic Design Belong to Kate

March 20, 2014  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Awesomesauce, The Craft   0 Comments

Here at Deep Mountain Studios, we deal in graphics. Print book cover design. Kindle cover design. Audio book cover design. Cuts for Amazon’s Look Inside feature.

You’ll notice Deep Mountain Studios takes great pride in offering high-quality art. In the past, I’ve hired the artists themselves do the cover layout and lettering in addition to placing the artwork on a template. I have no complains, but, I’ve learned, this has a cost in flexibility.

I’ve decided to “normalize” the graphical design for, well, everything I do by hiring a graphics designer separate from the artist.  I feel the cost is well worth it. Not only does it add to a common visual appeal (brand), but I can now do things like change the size of the book without bugging the original cover artist with annoying changes like putting the art work on a slightly larger template for the printer. (which, some of them charge for).

This is a win-win in my publishing workflow for everybody, really. When I commission book cover art, the artist now only has to produce a high-resolution graphic file. They can focus exclusively on the artwork with an eye towards the elements needed on a book cover  (such as the right to left flow of a wrap-around artwork). They don’t have to worry about getting the right template, lining up all the text, picking the right font, dealing with OCD authors (cough), etc., etc. All they have to do is do the thing they love.

I admit it, I’m a cover slut.

I’m having Kate Strawbridge of Dwell Design & Press do all my graphical design. Kate is a talented professional and I love her eye for style and focus on enticing visual impact. Highly recommended.

Now, some of you are going OMG Anthony you only have one book out where are the others?

They are in the pipeline, my friends, in the pipeline. I’ve done a major quality push, and that push while slowing things down will speed things up in the long run. Trust Uncle Anthony.

And if you need a graphic designer, check Kate out. She does entire covers, too.

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