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Armageddon’s Princess Audio Book by Anthony Pacheco & Read By May Ling Su

February 27, 2014  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Awesomesauce, The Craft   1 Comment

A Science Fiction Mystery Now as an Audio Book!

Deep Mountain Studios is pleased to announce the audio book for Armageddon’s Princess read by May Ling Su is available via Audible and iTunes.

Click here to purchase the book on Audible

Click here to purchase the book on iTunes

Click here for the Amazon audio book page

All three places have an audio sample.

I believe there is an untapped market for science fiction on Audible. Initially, I was willing to spend some money (half the production cost of the print and Kindle versions, but a big chunk of that was the cover art) in order to validate that. Is the story what listeners want? We think so.

However, when  the book came back from May Ling I was floored. This is not simply a dramatic reading of something I wrote. May Ling turned the book into an intensely personal emotional journey for the listener. The first-person present-tense narrative coupled with May Ling’s talent presents you with Lexus in all her conflicted, broken, righteous, sexually charged, glory.

I’m totally sold on the format. There will never be a Lexus Toulouse Sci-fi Mystery book published without the audio book following as fast as my wallet and May Ling’s schedule will allow. I consider it part of the package, and thus, if you come to this page searching for science fiction audio books, especially ones with a mystery and tailored for adults, I pledge to fully support this format.

Enjoy, and please leave a review where you bought the book!

Armageddon's Princess ACX Cover

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