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The Quiet Intensity of Falling to Pieces

February 21, 2011  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Plot, The Craft, The Wife Unit   2 Comments

I’ve given up on hit stats, and gauge my blog posts in how they connect with readers in three ways, in order of increasing popularity:

  • Did anyone comment?
  • Did anyone send me mail?
  • Did anyone link my post on their blog and comment?

The link is the Holy Grail of popularity indicators. While my post yesterday did not generate any links, it sure hit a nerve. It took one reader by surprise, and even the Wife Unit told me I needed to put warning labels on things like that.

Heh. Insert sheepish grin here. Whoops. Someone emailed me and asked why I wrote that. Why indeed.

Quite simply, my work-in-progress is kicking my ass. This novel is, unfortunately, a creative and emotional vampire.

Contemporary Young Adult was never on my horizon. I love reading it, I just never saw myself writing it. My love for genre fiction is deep, and more than that, I have such fun writing science fiction and fantasy. But when the plot for this novel hit me along-side the head, I knew I had to drop everything and write it.

The emotional intensity of my work-in-progress is high. The situation my main characters find themselves in is as absurd as it is heartbreaking, and as I approach the ending the intensity and emotional impact increases dramatically. I find myself in need of a creative outlet in order to not, um, explode or something. Because that would be messy.

I wrote The Pilot simply as a need to express the emotions bleeding from my work-in-progress. It was write it or fall to pieces.

Yes, that post was merely spill-over.

2 comments on: The Quiet Intensity of Falling to Pieces

  1. C. N. Nevets February 21, 2011 at 10:08 am

    Um, apparently I missed a great post yesterday. *going to check*

  2. J.C February 21, 2011 at 11:04 am

    sometimes you do just need to let it all out! Looking forward to hearing more about this YA novel. I’m still not sure what I’m working on beyond the current novella, and the next one I have lined up.

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