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The Rehabilitated Hack Writer Does E-Books

June 22, 2010  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: The Craft   0 Comments

I read my first non-PDF e-book the other day, end-to-end, on my HTC HD2 phone. I purposely picked a book I need to read again, just to compare the experience.  I fired up my Barnes and Noble account, synced it with my phone, and purchased the book on their website.

On my phone, I simply touched the book in my library listing and it downloaded in seconds.

From a shopping perspective, that pretty much was nirvana. If I wanted to, I could have bought the book from my phone directly.

Either way, it was incredibly easy, in fact, that I can see how the instant gratification of having the book you want show up when you want it is addicting.

I’m a sucker for a good hardcover book and I love physical books, the visceral experience in reading. I was very skeptical of e-books, especially reading e-books on a phone.

How was the actual act of reading?  I am surprised to tell you it was just fine. Actually, more than fine. The screen resolution on my phone is so good, that I bumped the text size down a notch. The text was easy to read, and changing the pages with a flick of a finger was natural.

Disclaimer: I did not purchase this phone; my company did, because we do Windows Phone development. I’m glad they did, however, because besides reading books I’ve used several of the applications, like mail and instant messaging.

Comparing the experience between paper and e-book? To me it was about the same. I can’t really share the e-book with the rest of my family, so on that account I will still purchase regular books.

What about books for me, though? I’ll always buy an e-book off my Barnes and Noble account if I can. The experience was that good, and the price seems cheaper.

Good experience. Cheaper price. I love interwebs. I love it very much.

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