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Ye ‘Ole Writing Check-in

May 13, 2010  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: The Craft   0 Comments

My contract with one of my clients ends tomorrow, so I’m buried under a mound of work. MOUND I SAY.

In other news, I’m done with my short. The beginning is good. The middle is great in a “can’t believe I wrote such a heart-wrenching dark icky thing.” The ending sucks rocks. So, in between work and sleep and kids and wife and dog, I’m trying to edit that sucker. Dark icky thing, by the way, is a technical term.

Meanwhile, The Baby Dancers, my YA in progress, is calling my name. There is only so long I can ignore the goblin ninjas.

Goblin ninjas on fire.

I giggle every time I type that. Yes I do.

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