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To Know Love is to Know Fear

July 23, 2009  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Not Exactly Random   0 Comments

The wise sometimes say fear is a gift, but what does that mean?

Our heart has an endless capacity. We can love many people and still have room for even more love, an everlasting bottomless pit of adore.

How is this possible?

To know love is to know fear. On day, one of the people we love will break our heart, and the natural reaction to loving again is fear. This can show us reality, but usually it feeds off our other emotions like grief, or sadness, thus becoming a perverted oil slick over our ocean of soul.

The decisive moment to let fear rule our heart, or love again, comes from when we are alone. Sometimes we need to be alone in order to learn to love ourselves so we can in turn love other people.

Sometimes, being alone is just fear of the future.

Sometimes, we try not to be alone because we are afraid to face our broken, wounded heart.

But in those quiet moments, we can embrace our fear of letting people in our heart by accepting who we are, not how someone tried to define us with pain. The cycle can begin again. We can love, endlessly. And perhaps next time our heart will not get broken, for we start to live in the truth, and deny the denials.

Love the quiet moments.

Love the water that cleanses.

Love the shadows that bridge one existence to the next.

Love yourself.

Then you will find that you are the one in someone else’s heart. The wounded need you. You are the one let inside. To fill your hear with love, you need only look around and hold out your hand, taking the gift of fear, and making it your own.

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