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March 20, 2009  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Characterization, The Craft   1 Comment

Previously on Hack Writer TV: Setting


There was a knock at the door. Juliana looked at the clock. 5:45 PM. Terrance was early. She went to the door to let him in.

“Hello Juliana. I brought you flowers.”

Juliana once again found it difficult to be mad at the man. Frequently an ass and completely mercenary, he was still a rogue and a charmer. Wearing jeans and a simple buttoned blue shirt, rolled up at the sleeves, he held a vase of yellow roses, and, wonders of wonders, was not wearing that damn gun of his.

“Oh those are lovely, Terrance, thank you.” She took the card and read it.


May your expanded bookstore be everything you wanted it to be. Sorry if my mouth got me in trouble. Wouldn’t be the first time.


Juliana had to fight back tears. The cad. Brute. Meanie. Why were all men so exasperating? Damn it.

She put back the card. “Bunny is in the kitchen.”

Terrance winked at her.

I hate men, thought Juliana, but she smiled to herself, suddenly remembering Terrance from so long ago. Her face suddenly felt hot, and she was glad he was walking in front of her.


In the kitchen, Bunny stopped chopping as Terrance put the flowers on the counter. Juliana noticed Terrance giving her daughter an appreciative glance, but she could not fault him for looking. Bunny was wearing the gray sweater-dress again, all slinky and warm looking, hair pulled back into a ponytail, a wholesome look she realized Bunny recently perfected.

“Oh! Those are pretty, thank you!” said Bunny as she snatched at the card and read it before Terrance could say anything.

Juliana saw Bunny’s eyes go wide and she was frowning. Bunny looked at Terrance then back to her.

Whoops, thought Juliana.

Oh, shit, was the thought written all over Terrance.

Bunny slammed down her knife on the cutting board. “Oh, I see. You won’t fuck me but you’ll give my mom flowers!” She burst into tears and ran from the kitchen, stomping up the stairs. “I hate men!” she yelled and then slammed her bedroom door.

“Ah hell. I suck,” said Terrance.

“My daughter is seventeen,” said Juliana. She sighed. “Thank you for not fucking my daughter. But you have angered Teh Bunnahe.

Terrance sat down without prompting. “I’m just a guy. I don’t have a lot of experience with women, or even women friends.” He stood up. “I should go apologize.”

Juliana placed a hand on his arm. “Wait.”

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