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Fun 1, Outline 0

February 05, 2009  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Plot, The Craft   1 Comment

Your Little Sister is a fun, whimsical story, with a side of grim and a smattering of hot smut—befitting a story about a woman with four husbands investigating a double homicide.

The outline I am using, however, fostered a dark story. Your Little Sister needs to be fun and entertaining. I think the madness of the recession bled through my plotting.

I have tossed the old outline today, which was not hard, as it exists solely in my head. I actually did some plotting a world-building on real paper. Imagine that!

Yes, I am making Your Little Sister more—perky.

This has been a public service by Anthony Pacheco, Hack Writer.

Comments on “Fun 1, Outline 0

  1. D.W. Drang February 6, 2009 at 5:55 pm

    ISTR Heinlein making remarks about what happens when the story gets away from you, including other authors of his acquaintance to whom that happened. (something about Katherine Anne Porter and Ship of Fools…)

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