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Small Writing Update

December 05, 2008  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: The Craft   0 Comments

No snark comment on the below post but I can see it coming.

Anyway, it is a truism that I would rather be writing than editing, but I love editing. Such a fun task. A beta reader points something out that goes beyond the grammatical. Do I agree with it? What can I do to fix the problem?

Last night I came across a comment that highlighted a rather glaring problem in Bunny Trouble. I fixed it by adding ten words. Ten little words. Now, I would rather fix a problem by cutting ten words, but I’ve already done that. I’ve removed 20k from the version I gave my coveted beta readers.  This type of manuscript smithing tickles me to no end.

As much as I like my job, I would love to write full-time. It takes a non-zero amount of time to edit. Sometimes that time is expensive.

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