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I have been told the theme for this holiday break is…

November 25, 2008  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Not Exactly Random   0 Comments


Oh my gosh, pie. Pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie!

Back by popular demand!



You know, I got in trouble posting that search term the first go around, but in actuality, I am just the messenger. Do not hate the blogger, hate the searcher!

I have just sat down for the first time today to do whatever on my craptop. It has been go-go-go-go all day as I wrapped up numerous lose threads so I could take tomorrow off. It is nice to sit here doing NOTHING. Which is all my poor brain can handle at this point.

On a serious note, we are leaving for Friday Harbor to visit the sick friend I mentioned earlier. I will put on a good front for the kids, because that is what men do.

On the inside, I am certain, I will lose it.


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