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Poll Time: The alien is coming for you!

October 22, 2008  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: The Craft   1 Comment

I am contemplating a new scene for my book. The alien is romping around the Olympic National Park, shooting bad guys. Which rifle should she use? Keep in mind the maximum shot length is about 300 yards. It’s really rugged territory, people. Her opponents are armed with a couple of AK-47’s an SKS or two, numerous handguns and a few sub-machine guns. She is unsure of their numbers. Her night vision is external to the scope system. She is a very good shot, on par with a Marine hog, with extensive sniping experience.

Please discuss any other suggestions in the comments.


Comments on “Poll Time: The alien is coming for you!

  1. Anthony October 22, 2008 at 4:05 pm

    Do not underestimate the lethality of the modern ballistic weapon. She doesn’t need her own stuff because this works just as well.

    Everything the alien has learned about killing people is from, um, people. Go with what you know.

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