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The beta reader cha-cha

October 11, 2008  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: The Craft   0 Comments

Everyone now has his or her copy of the Bunny Trouble manuscript.

Officer Brian completed his read-through, and is now reading it again because he did not want to slow down so he could learn what happens next. WHN(tm) is a very important component to my writing. It is how I judge entertaining novels. If a reader does not want to know WHN, that is an indication the pacing and plotting is off.

Seems somewhat obvious, but I have personally spent money on a book I was looking forward to reading, only to set it down without finishing. It does not happen often, but life is too short to spend time reading something that does not entertain and move you in some way.

Anyway, Brian liked the novel. Since it has a heavy police officer element to it, this is pure feedback goodness. He is going to go back through the manuscript with a more critical eye and point out where I boofed any of the cop elements and missed grammatical errors on my line-edit.

I still am nervous about the whole thing. It feels strange to spend so much effort and then toss the manuscript to other people. Not good, not bad… strange. New.

Ugh. My poor fingernails!

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