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13,000 Relentless Words

October 03, 2008  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: The Craft   0 Comments

One day I wrote 13,000 words. It was a crucial action-packed chapter in Bunny Trouble, along with some of the text leading up to the chapter and dealing with the aftermath of the action.

While line editing Bunny Trouble, I realized that singular day of writing was my best yet. It is a complicated action scene—as modern engagements are—but it flows nicely. It also held less typographical and grammatical errors than the rest of the manuscript.

Huh. What do I make of that?

I have no idea!

Line editing my own work is a pain in the ass that is for sure: a big incentive to tighten up writing the first draft. I regret not line editing my first novel for this reason. Now I know.

Only 20 pages left, and then Beta Reading Squad Doki Doki Team Alpha Fox SIX gets a whack. I have not cut my nails in awhile for this reason.


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