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September 20, 2008  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Not Exactly Random   1 Comment

Instead of chugging away at proofreading Bunny Trouble, I was called in to help the Cub Scouts with their Fall rocket launch. Lots of volunteers called in sick, so even though it was raining raining raining, I went and helped.

My job: Point to the little squirts where their rocket landed (if they didn’t know), keep other squirts out of the landing zone and telling even more squirts to get off my landing field once they had their rockets. Yes, it was a heavy thinking job. let me tell you. I called it Squirt Control.

I was wearing rain gear but got soaked to the bone anyway. The boys and girls had a blast, and the huge smiles made my day. Thing One and Thing Two enjoyed their two launches.



Tired now.

Some proofreading.

Then bed.

Pleasant dreams.

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