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Beta Reading Squad Doki Doki Team Alpha Fox SIX

September 19, 2008  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: The Craft, The Wife Unit   8 Comments

I told myself I was not going to start the second round of edits on Bunny Trouble until this evening. Even for just proofreading and minor edits, I wanted to let it fester for a week before I looked at it. Once I finish the proofreading pass, the manuscript goes off to Kinko’s and then to my Beta Reading Squad Doki Doki Team Alpha Fox SIX!

Speaking of Beta Readers let me introduce you to them:

Beta Reading Squad Doki Doki Team Alpha Fox SIX

The Wife Unit: Heather likes fantasy or sci-fi only if they have strong characterization and have a female lead or strong female supporting characters. We definitely do not share the same taste in books, but we both like entertaining stories with interesting protagonists. The WU is a sucker for a good mystery.

Mike: Mike is a long time friend, well traveled and local. Mike is a fan of thought-provoking books with historical research, along with dropping objects from orbit on bad people. Mike and I read the same fantasy books. There are many entertaining elements for Mike in the later Bunny Trouble books, so if he likes this one the next ones will hold his interest for sure.

David #1: David and I read roughly the same SFF novels, and he is also local. I have been friends with Dave almost as long as Mike. We have had moderate disagreements in the past over sci-fi. Recently, at the tail end of Brin’s Uplift books I wanted to gouge out my eyes. David #1 thought they were just peachy. A martial-arts practitioner, Berkley graduate and physicist, David #1 is also is retired, so he has lots of time on his hands to talk about my novel at great length. He he he. David #1 cooks the. Best. Steak. Evah.

Dad: Father-in-law is a voracious reader. I do not dive into the techno-thriller genre quite like he does, but we trade our sci-fi books back and forth like a 10-rupee whore. The next book in the series is also has many elements that would appeal to Ed, there is more action such as tanks shooting at other tanks and things blowing up, in time-honored military techno-thriller style.

Brian: Brain is a long-time police officer in Washington. Many of the good guys, ok well just about all of the good guys in Bunny Trouble are cops. Brain probably reads well ahead of me in the SFF genres, and I am happy to feed his never-ending thirst for good material. At least I hope it is good. Brian is also a martial-arts expert. One of the characters in Bunny Trouble is also into advanced unarmed combat, but she cheats, she cheats a lot ha ha ha.

David #2: To confuse my brain more, David #2 is also a Berkley graduate. He then moved on to UC Davis. Other than the WU, David #2 is the only Beta who also reads my blog (part of the 7.3!). He is also on my blogroll. We share many political interests but I secretly wonder how much longer he can live in California. David, I slapped a high-capacity magazine into my Glock this morning and I thought of you. He he he. David #2 has a monstrous library, has read Ross’ Unintended Consequences, and thus, out of all my Beta Readers, closely matches the target audience that should find the Bunny Trouble books irresistibly appealing. I hope.

That’s the crew and I already owe them a debt I can never repay. My only hope is the novel will be entertaining to read.

I am looking for one more Beta Reader but that is a different blog post.

Edit: I have found my Beta Reader.

8 comments on: Beta Reading Squad Doki Doki Team Alpha Fox SIX

  1. David September 19, 2008 at 4:42 pm

    I’m not so bad off as you might think; every self-respecting California gun owner has a pile of full-cap magazines in the closet that he or she perspicaciously purchased prior to the ’92 ban… (grin)

  2. Anthony September 19, 2008 at 6:47 pm

    Oooo I did not know that!

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