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September 17, 2008  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: The Craft   0 Comments


With some trepidation mixed with a smattering of self-doubt (I know, hard to believe with my ego on display), I set out to write chapter one of The Baby Dancers in accordance to my new “No Parental Cop-out Rule.” This would be my third novel, the second I would desire to publish and share.

Would I be able to write a new compelling start and have it stay true to my vision? We’re talking a mini-reset here, where the practicality of my writing goal meets my creative desires. With Bunny Trouble, I had a very clear start of the book, here; I was heading out into the great unknown.

Yes! Yes! I wrote a marvelous new beginning to The Baby Dancers. I fired off 2088 words, the literary equivalent of garlic infused “BAM!“–with flames from the sudden addition of brandy cooking the garlic to perfection.


Yum. This morning I spied Jack Williamson’s Darker Than You Think on the shelf. It is a short little novel of the occult, sexy and creepy. It has some minor flaws, but the great thing is the main character grows. Oh he grows all right.

Did I mention it is also short? Since I am on a roll, I have vowed that The Baby Dancers will be no shorter than 65,000 words and no longer than 80,000. I want a tight story, an entertaining speculative novel of fantasy goodness.

I love writing.


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