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September 03, 2008  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Plot, The Craft, The Wife Unit   0 Comments

Finished post-outlining and deleted the fluff. CHOMP. Added a few bits at the end.

I am on page 23 out of 360 (1.5 line space is what I edit at) of my grammar check/readability pass. This consists of fixing glaring errors and tightening, turning my word smiting into my prose. At the end of this process is officially Draft 2.

Now I am at 149,997 words. The word count has nowhere to go except down.

I also printed chapters one and two for The Wife Unit to read tomorrow. She reads my blog, and informs me she does not necessarily agree with my open door sex policy. This is from the woman who said the Meyers vampire books did not have any steamy vamp sex scenes (pout). At least she said she would keep an open mind about it, and what more could a man want out of a wife?

Done for the evening. Beer now.


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