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For Sven

August 28, 2008  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Not Exactly Random   1 Comment

Here ya go Sven.

KABOOM KABOOM KABOOM went Lauren’s monstrous handgun. Michael and Terrance actually stopped firing, holstered and stared at her. It was the first time they were at the range with Lauren, having arranged with one of Joseph’s boys to cover for them in a little shift swap.

“Whot?” she asked when she realized she was the center of attention.

“What the fuck is that… thing?” Michael asked. She had worn a Glock 19 on her hip to the range, but she definitely was not using it. Neither man recognized the handgun, although the slide looked vaguely Glock 17ish with an extended barrel poking well out the slide.

“Oh this?” she asked innocently in exaggeration. “This little thing tis me sidearm. I call ‘em Evil Bob.”

“I repeat myself. What is that?”

“Tis is a Glock 20 with the factory six-inch hunting barrel and X300 Surefire that you gave me. I ordered the frame custom; it is a pure titanium rig. The trigger is standard but I did do a polish job on it so tis a might smoother than the normal Glock trigger. I added the Heinie figure-eight sights and a Crimson Trace 1911 rig. Right now I be shooting DoubleTap range ammo.”

Michael was speechless.

Terrance actually heard of the after-market Glock 1911 style frames. “Uh, why titanium and not stainless steel?”

Lauren ejected the magazine and cleared her firearm. She handed it to Terrance who checked it again and then studied it in earnest. The grip was pure 1911 but the entire firearm felt… strange. Heavier than it should be. The balance was weird.

“Okay, I give. I don’t get it. This feels like a steel rig but the frame is obviously titanium.”

Michael also examined it. Even though both Lauren and Terrance had cleared the weapon, he followed his training and assumed they were DEA agents professional enough to handle a Glock 40.

Also noting its strange balance, he frowned and handed it back to her.

“You got me,” he admitted. “This is heavier than it should be unless you are pulling our leg about titanium.”

She took it back. “See the little metal cavity plug ya normally see on Glocks? This frame has one of those too. This plug ets permanent. I welded it in place after filling the unused cavity to 90% capacity with liquid mercury after plug’n the other end with a custom bit of titanium. The result tis perfection. My perfection. As long as you have long fingers like me, you will not encounter a better handgun. Anywhere.”

“Liquid mercury?” Terrance repeated, stupidly.

“You welded titanium yourself?” asked Michael, almost as stupid.

Lauren merely smiled. It was predatory. Almost if she had fangs and wanted to bite them. “You think that’s good? You should see me Coulaux Freres dueling sword. Now that ‘tis a weapon!”

Michael and Terrance looked at each other and then went down on their knees. They started genuflecting.

“We are not worthy!” said Terrance.

“We are but worms!” said Michael.

Lauren laughed a rich deep Irish woman laugh. “Ya know if I actually found men attractive that would be fook’n hawt.”


Comments on “For Sven

  1. Sven in Colorado August 30, 2008 at 9:27 am

    Thank You!

    We share more than just a love of women with weapons.

    This, I will remember for a long, long time. Although I am more a fan of wheel guns.

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