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“That would be ‘Your OODA Loop is Fucked’ technique… sir,”

August 24, 2008  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: The Craft   0 Comments

Another 4,000 word day. That’s with doing some chores, fixing dinner, going grocery shopping, hanging with the kids… and blogging. Am I insane? What is wrong with me? How is that possible?

I am 13,000 words from the end of the book. The last chapter plus the epilogue will take 10,000 words, and I only need about 2000 or so to get to that point. The End is Near!

Here I thought I would go over 150,000. Ha. Bunny Trouble is looking to be 145K to 140K words after I take out my knife.

I’m really enamored with my writing today. Here’s a snippet from Super Terrance on page 326:

“Just what technique do you call that?” one of them asked.

“That would be ‘Your OODA Loop is Fucked’ technique… sir,” said Terrance.

He he he.

More fun then a basket of kittens.


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