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Dripping Dark Sequins Like Bitter Tears of Love

August 03, 2008  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: The Craft   3 Comments

Many people have the talent to write, but not many have the ability to do so. Our educational system, even with its faults, makes writers. They may not be literary geniuses, but they have the ability to translate thoughts into words to make a coherent story. This writing may not be enjoyable, but it is writing.

The ability to write flows from within, much like a burning passion that bursts forth in a carnal onslaught, like two lovers ripping off their clothes in an unquenchable desire to get at the flesh beneath. This passion translates into sitting down and writing. A pause in the writing is just a refractory period. Soon the writer is back at The Craft.

I point this out because talent is separate from ability. Writing, like music, is very personable, blood, flesh, and thoughts making written words. Other people may not like to read these words. These words may not meet a threshold of talent. In actuality, they most likely do not meet the literary standards for a person making a purchasing decision to purchase your words.

This circles back to raw, unmitigated passion. I write for my friends and The Wife Unit. Someday I will even write for my children. Even if this small circle did not like my stories, then I would simply write for myself, for I could not ignore the ability to make a story.

This is all a fancy way of saying I can crank out the words but I may be an insipid hack. I would like to brood on this, but the characters in my story, like favored lovers, beckon me. Consider it a warning. I can write two books in six months, but you might not want to read them.


3 comments on: Dripping Dark Sequins Like Bitter Tears of Love

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  2. Alex Moore August 20, 2008 at 7:43 pm

    Interesting. Often, though, what you term “talent” can be taught if only the ability is there. In other words, if a writer is passionate about getting words on paper, he can alway return and revise/refine…and become a writer that people want to read.

    ahhh but you’ve got a point: I’ve definitely read reams of story, with all of it unredeemable as far as I could see…& no amount of revisioning capable of saving it.

  3. Anthony August 20, 2008 at 8:37 pm

    Consider the two types of bloggers. There is the emo who posts every day, yet the actual content and readability of the entries are zero; the literary equivalent of a dust bunny.

    Then there are the delightful blogs bordering on prose, yet the author only updates her page once a month.

    Ability and Talent—when they meet, a writer is born!

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