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May 15, 2016 Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Not Exactly Random  0 Comments

I’m still writing my little heart out when I have the time. Did not mean for things to go so dark on my blog.

Part ownership in a new business, a technology start-up, is now a new add to my already over-loaded schedule. It’s exciting! But now I have three careers: my day job, which is related to the new business, the new business, and my writing career. I may be crazy, but it’s a productive type of crazy. Unfortunately my brain just turns off when I do a lot of writing in my day job, and right now I’m typing a lot of–stuffs.

Last year I doubled my book sales. I’m in this for the long haul. My imprint, Deep Mountain Studios, is all set to feed readers and listeners and is a viable business. I simply need to give it quality content.

Book wise, Death by Lingerie has seen big improvements in the re-write of the opening chapters. I’m eager to finish the book and get it to my editor.

All the best,

Death by Lingerie - E-Cover 520w

The Wælcyrie Murders Production Update

November 09, 2014 Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: The Craft  0 Comments

I have submitted the final revision of The Wælcyrie Murders to the editor. It will take her about two weeks to do a line edit, give or take a week.

What’s next:

  • I have the cover art all ready to go (I’ve sat on it for a long time!). My graphics designer is cutting the Kindle cover now
  • Once I have the Kindle cover, I will put the book on for pre-order on Amazon
  • When the book comes back from line editing, I will process the edits

At this point the book is in release production:

  • I format the book for Kindle (2 hours)
  • I format the book for Print (2 hours)
  • I get back a proof from the printers (2 days)
  • The proof-reader goes over the print proof (2 days)
  • I correct the found typos (4 to 6 hours, which includes final interior layout work)
  • The Kindle and print version are published (2 hours)
  • Stay tuned for the pre-order link and then the cover reveal for book 3!

Note the Kindle version will go live before the print version (hint, hint) but I won’t officially “launch” the book until the hardcover is available from Amazon. That usually is a day or two lag, followed by another day for the titles to be linked properly.

The end is near!

TWM cover art (web)

Aaaaaaaand another book!

April 07, 2014 Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Awesomesauce, Characterization, Not Exactly Random, Plot, The Craft  2 Comments

Well then. I did an all-day push on Sunday and finished a new draft of The Lightning Giver, my New Adult novel about a young couple whose lives are turned upside down, literally and figuratively, when they are hit by lightning. While smooching in a millet field. It is a story of love, devotion, gender relations, perseverance, and guns.

Lots of guns.

I had a literary agent give me some stellar advice on the manuscript. While I won’t actually submit it because I’ve sine left the manuscript submission cha-cha, the novel sat around waiting for me to get my A-game on.

I gave this book everything and beta reader feedback on the prior draft was stellar. And now the book is better.

The next steps are to go through the manuscript and tighten up the prose and then hand it off to my new editor for an evaluation. I think she is going to love this book. It’s right up her alley.

The Lightning Giver

Reaching for the Stars

November 17, 2013 Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: The Craft  0 Comments

In my day job, I get paid to do what I am supposed to do when I said I would do it.

I’m super good at that.

Obligatory Whining

I try very hard to be that good with my writing career, but this is an intellectual endeavor in which I am both providing the content and building the machine to produce it, and woo wee (woo wee being a technical term), it’s a bit difficult.

While we are here, that lone sentence above is really all I can drag out of myself in boo hoo land. I cringe when indie authors go on post binges on various woes, and to be blunt, cowboy up princesses and get’er done. In the interest of status for those who ask, I only went there to provide context to the below revelations.

Where We Be

All my original estimates are off because I took The Wælcyrie Murders and embarked on a slow process to improve my prose. And it worked. Where we last left off, I delivered a revised manuscript based on the (soul devoting) editorial letter my editor handed me. Based on that letter, I returned a substantial revision and Sofia is now doing the line edits. After I receive those, I’ll go through all the edits and produce the last revision that goes to the copy editor. The (new!) copy editor then checks for spelling, grammar and punctuation issues. When I accept the copy editor’s changes, then post production starts were we put together the book in quick order.

Where We Be, The Meta Discussion

It is my keen desire to put in a well-oiled machine where the above 270 word status never has to grace this blog again. That takes effort and time. I am building Team Anthony. Team Anthony is rocking right now. We’re pulling out all the stops; the quality bar for The Wælcyrie Murders is super high.

And that is good. I promise the results will please you and the positive impact will easily carry to book 3, Death by Lingerie.

Deep Mountain Studios is approaching 100% fully operational status.

Unforeseen Goodness and Resultant Publishing Date

My marketing plan was never designed to kick in until The Wælcyrie Murders was out. It’s not that I shrugged and moved on, it makes sense for me to put most of my effort when my published list has more than one book.

What I did not foresee were opportunities made available by Armageddon’s Princess publication in 2013. I can’t go into details right now, but the result is if I had the finished and produced manuscript in my hands right now, I still would not push the various  publish buttons until after January 1st. Deep Mountain Studios will publish The Wælcyrie Murders in early January 2014 or close to it. Hold on folks, I’m reaching for the stars here, and I appreciate everyone asking what the publishing schedule looks like.

Yours Always,

Reach for the Stars

BOOYAH for Science Fiction Murder Mysteries

August 14, 2013 Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: The Craft  0 Comments

Things are a bit wild here at Chez Pacheco. End of contract madness (followed by new contract madness), lovely summer weather and (doot doot deet deeeeeeeee) editing.

Yes, I’m still editing the The Wælcyrie Murders, that post-apocalyptic red pill infused libertarian science fiction murder mystery.

The Wælcyrie Murders is the first novel where my lovely and ultra-smart editor has had her dainty and greedy little hands on it from the first revision. The prior novel, I fired the editor for non-performance halfway through the process and found Sofia, and what a find she was. Both of us are a bit of OCD when it comes to science fiction. She has exacting standards and I’ve bumped it up a notch.

That in unto itself does not explain the length of time I’m spending on revisions.

The big time suck is prose improvement, a time consuming process for an existing novel. Subsequent novels won’t have this time lag as I’m learning as I’m going.

The goal is to have The Wælcyrie Murders in everyone’s greedy hands in September-October. Right now, this is my all-consuming focus. Meanwhile, I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THE COVER GUYS THIS COVER IS AWESOME! WOOOOOOO!


The Wælcyrie Murders

You know she’s going to use that gun on bad guys.

La, la, la, Dee, dee, dee

February 08, 2012 Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Not Exactly Random  4 Comments

A quick drive by to say Im on a new contract. You know the drill—posting light as I come up to speed on the piles of work that need to be done.

Cause you all don’t want my actual writing to suffer, right? Right!