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Soon, My Precious!

January 16, 2013 Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Awesomesauce, The Craft  0 Comments

Those fabulous people at Deep Mountain Studios (one must say that in a movie trailer voice) say the novel is finally off to the proofreader.

Armageddon’s Princess will be available soon.


In related news, I saw the concept sketch with the color pallet for cover two. We had to change artists, which makes me sad, but the new artist is like spooky good, which does not make me sad. It’s a different art style than the first book, of course, but I am certain you all (my 27.3 readers) will like it.


Happy New Year and Anthony’s Best Book of 2012 Award

January 01, 2013 Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Awesomesauce, Characterization, Plot, Setting, The Craft  0 Comments

Hello my 27.6 readers!

Happy New Year. I plan on making a year in review post, but I consider this a special category. What new book in 2012 did I feel was the best?

I read a considerable amount this year, despite my terrible Goodreads updates. Most of this goodness was on my Kindle, and the Kindle Paperwhite has accelerated my book reading with its pure design awesomeness. At $119 + cover and some unobtrusive, actually useful ads, this is a reader’s device and I am a reader.

But, I digress.

Out of all the books I read, one stands out as the winner and yes, you can rank books from the best to the worst.

Ken Kiser’s Fifthwind is the clear winner of 2012. From a storytelling standpoint, it’s a throw-back to the Sword and Sorcery days of yor before everything got pretentious, message-y and emo. As epic fantasy, it is a stunning debut. The novel also has great pacing, obviously edited with loving care and delivers across the board on action, world-building and best of all, a refreshingly masculine but not arrogant protagonist. Check out the reviews on Amazon.

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The Christmas Memory of Scent

December 15, 2012 Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Anthonyisms, Atmosphere, Not Exactly Random, The Craft  0 Comments

The house smells so wonderful.

My penchant for Scrooge-like feelings during the holiday season has slowly been replaced by warm memories of my children’s joy for the season. For young boys, yes, Christmas is a lot about presents. If you are a good parent, if you could overcome the bombastic rampant commercialism, there is an underlying simplicity about the season that can pull at the heart like no other time.

This morning Thing Two came in while I was getting dressed, wanting to know if we could go get Thing One’s Christmas present tonight. How cute is that? I’ll tell you how cute it is, it is a bit of the ultra-cuteness.

Yes there are the presents. But then there is the smell of the tree. The gingerbread house. The decorating. The Christmas cookies. The story of Christmas. Grandpa and Nanna. Daddy’s Christmas Day roast. Santa. The music. The warm fireplace and the happy dog.

Long after those presents are gone, the memories of our close family during this time will linger on. One day my sons will be walking in one of the great national forests around here, and after the morning rain, smell the fresh scent of grand firs. And it will smell like Christmas.

And that will be magical, always magical, even in the dead of summer, it will be Christmas magic.

(repost from 2008)

Among Others by Jo Walton

November 25, 2012 Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Anthonyisms, Characterization, Plot, Setting, The Craft  0 Comments

Among OthersAmong Others by Jo Walton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m not too sure what I was expecting when I picked this up for my Kindle when I saw it won the Hugo, but I was really surprised to find a come-of-age young adult novel. Twenty pages into the book I could envision an editor seeing this book for the first time and rubbing her hands with glee. AMONG OTHERS was extremely delicious as a urban fantasy dipped in the love of science fiction in the voice of a fifteen year-old girl.

It wasn’t perfect, but it was pretty close. This book was written for people who love a good story, love science fiction, magic and love come-of-age novels. The heartache of the main character was raw and painful at times. We get glimpses of a terribleness too terrible to describe. But Walton starts the book in the most perfect place–that after tragedy and heartache, there is life.The yearning that comes with reading science fiction can be more than just story, it’s water for the thirsty, color for the blind and a light in the darkness.

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Bonded: Three Fairy Tales, One Bond by Michelle Davidson Argyle

November 08, 2012 Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Atmosphere, Awesomesauce, Characterization, Plot, Setting, The Craft  2 Comments

Yummers yum yum!

Bonded is out, and I just ordered my hardcover edition because I am a sucker for beautiful prose in a beautiful physical book.

The first story in this novel, Cinders, was unexpectedly flawless, and I’m not surprised to see it snatched up by a publisher and put into a novella collection. I can’t wait to read the other two stories, and it’s all I can do not to order the Kindle edition and read it this weekend.

If you are a lover of prose so good it’s sensual, if you appreciate the bittersweet truth to the human condition and like storytelling that extracts the pure heart of a fairytale, then I also suggest getting Bonded. Cinders was that good, and there is no doubt the others will be right up there in the literary clouds of whipped awesomesauce.

Michelle is an excellent writer but these are the stories that push her into that otherworldly zone of awe.

Fall is for books except it’s not.

October 28, 2012 Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Not Exactly Random, The Craft  0 Comments

Fall is for books, or is it?

In younger days the allowance would go up for school, only I would eat less and splurge on paperbacks. Living a modest drive into the city from Powell’s was a money draining endeavor, despite the great prices. I usually had a feminine book reading cutie at my side, so it was all good.

When older with a job, my brain couldn’t get out of the mode of Fall = New School Year = Keep Brain Sharp. The desire for the comfort of a good story as the leaves turned consumed like a drug. This desire walked hand-in-hand, like that book reading cutie, with wanting a hardcover book. That was my badge of adulthood. Screw the bills. I’m buying a hardcover because I can.

These experiences blend into the background of those memories that turn on when I see a falling leaf and the celebration of change that is fall.

Lately, though, I’ve come to realize my fall yearning isn’t for books, it’s for a good story. Fall is the brain’s time to leave the summer literary pulp and fluff and enter the realm of thought provoking entertainment.

Make me think. Make me yearn. Make me cry. Turn me on. Reach out to that place only words can go. Tell me a story, and I’ll tell you one.


October 01, 2012 Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Awesomesauce, The Craft  0 Comments

Hey everybody! I am a little excited! You should go to my home page and check out my announcement and the massive website upgrade!

More later, but yes, Armageddon’s Princess, a sci-fi mystery will be published in Fall 2012, which is like really super soon now. As soon as I have an availability date I will post it here. The print book will be available via Barnes and Nobel, a bunch of other places you can special order it from and of course, Amazon.

The eBook will be available exclusively for the Kindle for 90 days in which Amazon Prime members can borrow the book for an unlimited time for free. How awesome is that? Afterwards, Deep Mountain Studios will post the book to to iTunes, Smashwords and the Nook.

Stay tuned for the mega-super squeeeeeee cover reveal.

Dudes. I feel like a chipmunk on crank slurping on a super-sugar Slurpee. I haven’t posted this anywhere else because dragging The Official Publication Date(TM) out of the Powers That Be is really difficult. Man, that imprint run by that guy in Redmond. He needs to GET WITH IT.


Under Construction

September 30, 2012 Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Not Exactly Random  0 Comments

Once again, I am doing layout changes to the website. Please excuse the construction dust.

You Are the First Responder

September 11, 2012 Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Anthonyisms  0 Comments

On this day in the Year 2001, a group of Americans, when faced with the horror of the morning unfold, sought to do what Americans were born to do. They fought back, by themselves, against evil and tyranny of the worst sort, and they sacrificed their lives to do the right thing, even when it was the hard thing.

In this age of double-talk and other tomfoolery, in which the very language we hold dear is used to debase the individual and the righteous, there comes a time when Goodly Men and Women must take a stand against those who would use labels to define us.

Those who fought back shook off more than the enemy. At their moment of truth, these brave Americans were first responders.

You are a first responder.

If you think otherwise—your very thoughts besmirch the honor of those brave people and for you, they died in vain.

For the rest of us, we remember them as we should remember them—they made the attempt and succeeded, they set a standard for which we judge all like men and women.

There comes a time where, in the midst of blood and death, we can take action and prevail.

You are a first responder. If another labels you as something different, this is where you take your first stand.