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The Triangular Social Dysfunction Narrative

May 31, 2015  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Anthonyisms, Not Exactly Random   0 Comments

Most social justice outrage, aka, political correctness, expressed on social media falls into the Karpman drama triangle so strongly that it may as well been a Drama Singularity.

In the drama triangle there is the victim, the persecutor and the rescuer. Only, the victim is not truly helpless and usually enjoys agency, the rescuer has different motives other than trying to help and the persecutor does not have a valid, factual complaint against the victim.

This unholy triangle is self-fueling. Often the victim, who isn’t really a victim, will trade places with the persecutor. Or the rescuer turns into the victim. Sometimes these roles are three different people. Sometimes they more, sometimes even less.

It’s called a drama triangle because it has no real purpose other than to refer to itself. Nothing gets solved, because the roles are only based on perception and feeling, not an actual event of significance.

The drama triage is a lie because each of the three roles went after a need fulfillment under the cover of something else. It is a major social dysfunction, because the triangle winds up doing more harm than the original victim narrative.

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