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In the Highest Contempt

April 20, 2015  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Anthonyisms   0 Comments

Agency is the ability to make choices on your own behalf without interference and coercion from a group or individuals working either against you or even for you.

There are overt and subversive forces that rally against agency. One of the primary factors in the removal of agency from a group that share similar characteristics (such as race, religion or gender) is guilt association (or “borgification”). Attributing actions, real or imagined against a person simply because they share similar characteristics, rather than observed behavior, with other individuals is  a threat narrative. A threat narrative is a lie. It is the vilest attempt to gain agency at the expense of someone else.

Infringement on agency is usually associated with shame, with the emphasis on “association.” Shame is another tactic used to advance a threat narrative. Shame is supposed to be an attribute of an action, an outcome of some type of inappropriate behavior.

Advocating shame is a key tell of the threat narrative. Shame is directed at a group of individuals simply because they are a group, not based on individual actions based on behavior. It is guilt, aka shame, by association. The result, and goal, of guilt by association is the removal of agency.

I hold people who advance this type of agency defilement in highest contempt.


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