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The Wælcyrie Murders Production Update

November 09, 2014  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: The Craft   0 Comments

I have submitted the final revision of The Wælcyrie Murders to the editor. It will take her about two weeks to do a line edit, give or take a week.

What’s next:

  • I have the cover art all ready to go (I’ve sat on it for a long time!). My graphics designer is cutting the Kindle cover now
  • Once I have the Kindle cover, I will put the book on for pre-order on Amazon
  • When the book comes back from line editing, I will process the edits

At this point the book is in release production:

  • I format the book for Kindle (2 hours)
  • I format the book for Print (2 hours)
  • I get back a proof from the printers (2 days)
  • The proof-reader goes over the print proof (2 days)
  • I correct the found typos (4 to 6 hours, which includes final interior layout work)
  • The Kindle and print version are published (2 hours)
  • Stay tuned for the pre-order link and then the cover reveal for book 3!

Note the Kindle version will go live before the print version (hint, hint) but I won’t officially “launch” the book until the hardcover is available from Amazon. That usually is a day or two lag, followed by another day for the titles to be linked properly.

The end is near!

TWM cover art (web)

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