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Liberty Starts From the Outside

October 07, 2014  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Anthonyisms   0 Comments

The genesis of the inner-voice in our head are the voices we hear when we are children. If the voices around us tell us that we are shy, our inner-voice tells us we are shy even if we are not. If the voices tell us we are stupid, then our inner-voice will chime in and tell us we’re just not smart enough at exactly the worst time. These voices are voices; they have no relation to actions. They are only a reality unto themselves.

For some people, the inner-voice is a terrible thing because the people he or she grew up were in turn terrible. It is only through association with good people whom recognize our good actions and refuse to believe the inner-voice, which sometimes speaks with a real voice, can we find internal peace.

This is why the triumph over the terrible inner-voice is a social endeavor. We are social creatures, even when we are not taught to be social. That inner-voice refuses to empathize with you, and so, that empathy must come from someone else.

Once the real voices replace that which was never an inner part of you, it is then you are truly free.


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