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Your Agency is Not a Lazy Hobby

July 16, 2014  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Anthonyisms   0 Comments

When a social actor (that’s you) is allowed to make an independent choice without coercion, that is called agency.

Agency is the hallmark of the classic liberal or libertarian. Were you able to make a choice? Or did someone make the choice for you? Do you have agency or do you not?

Everyone protesting the Hobby Lobby SCOTUS decision is protesting against agency. We must afford an independent woman to make an independent choice on where she wants to work, which includes benefits. To do otherwise is removing agency and treating a very large segment of our society as children. While the goal of the SCOTUS decision was a ruling of law, we can view this precedent through the lens of those that remove agency and those that wish to recognize it.

It is morally indefensible to steal monies from a business and spend them on ethically challenged, bureaucratic dictates. However, that pales to the morally bankrupt decision to lump all women into a group and make employment decisions for them.

To view the Hobby Lobby brouhaha as a rights discussion, a health discussion or a religious issue is a limited, narrow discussion that ultimately leads to a person trying to remove one person’s agency by giving away her own.

Woman with a Choice

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