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BOOYAH for Science Fiction Murder Mysteries

August 14, 2013  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: The Craft   0 Comments

Things are a bit wild here at Chez Pacheco. End of contract madness (followed by new contract madness), lovely summer weather and (doot doot deet deeeeeeeee) editing.

Yes, I’m still editing the The Wælcyrie Murders, that post-apocalyptic red pill infused libertarian science fiction murder mystery.

The Wælcyrie Murders is the first novel where my lovely and ultra-smart editor has had her dainty and greedy little hands on it from the first revision. The prior novel, I fired the editor for non-performance halfway through the process and found Sofia, and what a find she was. Both of us are a bit of OCD when it comes to science fiction. She has exacting standards and I’ve bumped it up a notch.

That in unto itself does not explain the length of time I’m spending on revisions.

The big time suck is prose improvement, a time consuming process for an existing novel. Subsequent novels won’t have this time lag as I’m learning as I’m going.

The goal is to have The Wælcyrie Murders in everyone’s greedy hands in September-October. Right now, this is my all-consuming focus. Meanwhile, I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THE COVER GUYS THIS COVER IS AWESOME! WOOOOOOO!


The Wælcyrie Murders

You know she’s going to use that gun on bad guys.

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