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Don’t You Dare Post This on Facebook

February 18, 2013  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Awesomesauce, The Craft, The Wife Unit   0 Comments

Anthony: Wow, I would have never caught this problem unless I saw the printed proof.

Wife Unit: What do you mean?

Anthony: (shows Wife Unit printed proof copy) See this font in the header on each page? It’s in small caps, but on the printer’s high-resolution printer 10pt Garamond in small caps looks washed out.

Wife Unit: It does look washed out.

Anthony: It’s the same font and size on the copyright page, but that looks fine. It must be the small caps at high res. (flips to copyright page) See?

Wife Unit: (pauses)

Wife Unit: (sobs)

Anthony: (?)

Wife Unit: (sobs)

Anthony: (a very confused man with a crying wife over a book’s copyright page)

Wife Unit: (sobs) That’s (sob) so (sob) sweet… (sob)

Anthony: (figures out the Wife Unit is crying over the Dedication of the book to her, which is the page opposite of the copyright page)

Anthony: (must not roll eyes must not roll eyes must not roll eyes)

Son #1: Why is mom crying?

Anthony: Because she’s a girl.

Wife Unit: Don’t you (sob) dare post (sob) this on Facebook (sob)!

Anthony: Of course.

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