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October 01, 2012  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Awesomesauce, The Craft   0 Comments

Hey everybody! I am a little excited! You should go to my home page and check out my announcement and the massive website upgrade!

More later, but yes, Armageddon’s Princess, a sci-fi mystery will be published in Fall 2012, which is like really super soon now. As soon as I have an availability date I will post it here. The print book will be available via Barnes and Nobel, a bunch of other places you can special order it from and of course, Amazon.

The eBook will be available exclusively for the Kindle for 90 days in which Amazon Prime members can borrow the book for an unlimited time for free. How awesome is that? Afterwards, Deep Mountain Studios will post the book to to iTunes, Smashwords and the Nook.

Stay tuned for the mega-super squeeeeeee cover reveal.

Dudes. I feel like a chipmunk on crank slurping on a super-sugar Slurpee. I haven’t posted this anywhere else because dragging The Official Publication Date(TM) out of the Powers That Be is really difficult. Man, that imprint run by that guy in Redmond. He needs to GET WITH IT.


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