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Blood Music

August 25, 2012  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Atmosphere, The Craft   0 Comments

When I want to pull out all the stops and write an action scene that is a cut above the other scenes in the novel, I listen to this.

The music gets in my head. It sits there, causing me to visualize what is going on. I don’t hear, in my mind, things explode. There is no bark of the rifle, no swish of the sword. It’s music and violent visual energy dancing about the page like fireflies on a hot summer evening. If I listen closely, I can see everything. The chords are blood and the lyrics are pure adrenaline wrapped around the terror of the battle scape.

Inadvertently, the scene ends with the Princess holding the dripping Sword of the Empress, standing in a sea of bodies laying about in a grotesque parody of driftwood blown to the shore during a storm. She looks about the carnage around her, wondering, wondering, how did it ever come to this? Was it worth it, Princess, she asks herself. Is all the blood really worth it?

She shakes her head. Her answer, as always, is no, and she weeps.

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