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Who Are You People and What Do You Want?

August 16, 2012  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: The Craft   0 Comments

Lately I’ve been so busy with writing projects, my blog posts are obtuse or, at least, without substance. A hello of sorts. “Greetings I am still alive, how are you?” Really lame stuff.

So what happens?

More people subscribe to my RSS feed.


The interweb tubes.Love it.

ANYWAY, man, oh man am I working hard on writing projects. I have two books right now, one of which is in the final stages of editing, consuming my writing time to the exclusion of almost everything else except work and family.

So what I am editing, specifically?


Oh man, I kill myself.

ANYWAY, it’s really quite refreshing to get structural editorial feedback. I appreciate my editor mightily. She’s a bit of the awesome.

And tough! So tough the editorial letter stretched into the next book.

And now, I go play in traffic.



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