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Opening Line

April 16, 2011 Author: The Admin Category: Atmosphere, Plot, Setting, The Craft  2 Comments

The landscape Josh glided through was bleak and blasted, a twisted caress of despair and destruction, yet it was nothing compared to the dark memory of the girl that abused his thoughts.


April 16, 2011 Author: The Admin Category: Not Exactly Random, The Craft  0 Comments

I am deep in writing zone. I love that zone. It’s one of the best things in the world.

The Blog Harem Needs Feeding

April 06, 2011 Author: The Admin Category: Not Exactly Random, The Craft  1 Comment

As my decreased post count shows, I’m increasingly not a big fan of talking about myself on my blog. Mainly because I do that everywhere else, ha, ha, ha. Or maybe not so ha, ha, ha.

However, my blog harem is kind of vicious. They have things like knives and fangs. Sometimes both. And lately, I think they have been traveling in pairs. So, here is a writing update:

Work continues on my Secret Squirrel Contemporary YA Book Project(TM), and the novel is 3/4ths done. The book continues to take an emotional toll on me, and the fine height of irony would be if it never sold. Because I am metaphorically bleeding for it.

Also, I have a legitimate fear that the first woman to read this book beyond my Super-Duper Secret Squirrel Alpha Reader (not you), is just going to kill me for being an emotionally manipulative bastard.

Beyond that, creative work on short stories continues, mainly as a defense mechanism for Secret Squirrel Contemporary YA Book Project(TM).

Now I know what you are thinking. You are thinking how did the Blog Harem come to be, Anthony?

I have no idea.