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Hack Writing, Sometimes I Miss It

May 04, 2010  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: The Craft   0 Comments

While I’m no longer paid by the pound for tech writing, there are some things that I miss:

  • I had an editor
  • I had a proofreader
  • I had fellow writers I worked with on a regular basis

Now, writing wasn’t my main function, but I did a lot of it. When I did it, though, it was done professionally. It’s nice having an editor. It’s nice having someone fact-check your work. It was also nice to write on assignment.

Creative writing is sometimes lonely. It’s more fun, for me, but damn it, I miss my editor. Miss her a lot. If I ever land a book deal, it will take all my effort and will not to kiss my editor’s feet.

On one hand, I wonder if having all these pros at my beck and call spoiled me. On the other, I did learn things like how to stick to deadlines and how the passive voice is the Tool of Satan.

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