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A Certain Chill Ascending

September 08, 2009  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Not Exactly Random, The Craft   1 Comment


I have concluded it is my favorite season. The air has a certain bite to it in the morning and evening, and when one stands in the shade, you naturally want to migrate to the sunlight. I feel alive, in the chill.

It is, more than spring, the season of change. In the winter, you can look out at the landscape and imagine the lushness added to the ever-present evergreens.

In the fall, it looks like approaching death. The death of green, the riot of color hallmarking the flood of broadleaves, the days growing shorter: these things are celebration of the cycle eternal, the promise that all good things end, but the end, like the beginning, is transitory.

In the fall, when there is a sunny day, suddenly that day seems precious. Plans change. We happily walk the dog, the park beckons and we avoid the shade. We eschew the dim, because soon, we will have no choice but to live under cloudy skies under the damp and cold of winter.

Fall is the herald and the messenger, but in the rush of to and fro before winter sets in, fall gives you a certain perspective. I love it.


Comments on “A Certain Chill Ascending

  1. AJ Church September 11, 2009 at 10:06 am

    I’m always a bit behind in my blog reading, so this is a few days later. That being said, I’ve been meaning to blog about this very thing.

    I love fall. It’s my favorite season. The air has the recharged feeling of crispness, like it’s holding its breath, readying itself to burrow in and survive the coming winter. Fall is a harbinger, the red carpet to winter, which to me is the most honest of all seasons because everything is laid bare. No lush greenery or bright colors to distract from reality. It is what it is. And after a summer of sweating, fall is like a cool breeze on a hot day.

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