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Me thinks yer smoke’n something, mate.

November 09, 2008  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: The Craft   0 Comments

The Baby Dancers is a book that starts in Idaho (since Washington, Idaho and Oregon are the places I know) and eventually winds it way to someplace else. It is Young Adult Fantasy. I’ve noticed, however, my setting is very time period generic. So here I am plodding (1000 words a day is plodding for me) on The Baby Dancers and I write this:

Big Jim found a fallen log, brushed it off and sat down. “It was easy. I taught you that equipment to make a point. It is so easy that we learned only one thing: how to hunt with modern weapons. We did not learn other lessons, such as what happens when those modern weapons break down? The men who built those weapons are gone. Their technology outlasted them, but someday it too will die, and then what do we have? No understanding of the finer arts of the hunt—so we too will pass.”

“What about reverse engineering?” asked Josh.

“What about it? We know everything there is to know about making those rifles. We do not have the society to manufacture them in any numbers worth their cost to produce! Nano tube woven composite construction, adaptive software, advanced computer chip manufacturing, environmental agnostic superconductors, etcetera­—the list is endless of things we know how to do but cannot do. Even the ammunition is too expensive to make.

“So, if we are to learn about the world around us, we must make do with the things we can make, not what somebody long dead left behind.”

??? Why why why why? Why did I write that? It’s not in my outline. It just came spewing forth. Was it too much wine? Am I tired? Was this a bolt of creativity, or ust silliness?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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