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Molybdenum disulfide and the AR-10T

November 01, 2008  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Not Exactly Random   0 Comments

I am getting hits from our NATO military friends landing on my AR-10T post, specifically searches on what types of ammunition to feed it. This is a more specific post for our servicemen and anyone else who uses the AR-10T as an urban-centric sniper rifle.

The manual that comes with the AR-10T recommends molycoated match ammunition.

I agree. Molybdenum disulfide “coated” bullets (more accurately, injected into the microscopic pours of the jacket) works very well in the rifle.

Breaking in the Barrel

When I broke in the barrel, I used a combination of molycoated / non-molycoated rounds with a 20 to 1 ratio. For every 20 moly rounds, I used one normal match. Most simply use molycoated and leave it at that.

I went down that route for two reasons. Essentially, I wanted to reverse any effects of moly fouling, if there was such a thing, with the application of a normal round. I also wanted to save money! Shooting is getting expensive.

Anyway, the barrel is now slicker than a baby’s butt after eating mooshed prunes and guacamole. Not only is it much easier to clean, I do not have to do it as often. There is no “moly-fouling”. Once I clean it, it is golden.

If I could go back, I would just use moly-coated bullets.

What I feed the AR-10T

The Armilite feeds on Black Hills molycoat 175 Gr. Match Hollow Point .308 Winchester, which has a velocity of 2600 FPS and 2627 Ft. Lbs. energy.



Using non-moly bullets is not an option. Essentially, the barrel would need to be broken in again, cleaned more often and cleaned more vigorously. “Moly-fouling” seems to me a myth. I have yet to encounter it.


I have a lot of confidence in this match ammunition and rifle. With my scope, the three factors do a dance in my favor, and believe me my old tired eyes need the help!

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions. However, I am not an expert long-distance shooter by any means. I shoot my M4 three times as much as my AR-10T, consider this a layman’s peek at the wonderful AR-10T.

Logic would dictate that moly-coated match ammunition allow bullets easier passage through the rifle barrel with less deformation and better ballistic accuracy. I have no evidence to support this, so take that for what it is worth.

Stay safe.

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