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Treason by Orson Scott Card

October 18, 2008  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: The Craft   0 Comments

It takes a special novel for me to read more than once. Reading more than twice, that to me is an indication that there is something fundamentally engaging about the novel. Since 1988, I have read Treason every two years.

Treason by Orson Scott Card is back in reprint and comes recommended for anyone contemplating writing science fiction. A thought provoking tale of personal sacrifice, redemption and doing the right thing even though it is the hard thing, the book will ping your inner science fiction child. Somewhat forced in places, the story is engaging and, at times, surprisingly warm for such a bleak premise.

As any classic science fiction book should do, the ending will leave you with a feeling of wonder. Indeed, after I finished the book, I was smiling. The ending is so endearing I yearn for more of the two characters, but the bittersweet truth of the story demands we leave them right where they are. The ending of the book is so personal, it calls to you, and few speculative novels can match it, either before or after its publication.

Card is a monumental storyteller, and this sometimes overlooked gem is one of his best. I say this with no hesitation or reservation.

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