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There are cuts and then there are cuts

August 31, 2008  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: Characterization, The Craft   1 Comment

Writing must be a learning process. As a reflection of life, even of entertainment value, if there is no growth then there is stagnation. Writing, my creativity in particular (results may vary per package), needs both incremental improvements and proper reflection. What did I learn today?

I shared a conversation with Reader David on making cuts (from this topic) and I concluded the suggestion offered by Wheaton in putting cuts into a separate cut document is valid. I came to this as I encountered writing filled with characterization, a fun look at life and death. It was a good piece of writing but I realized it was not adding to the entertainment value of my story.

I will be damned before I delete that permanently. An enormous amount of research went into that theme, going so far as to buy used and new books (rather than use the library) on the topic to broaden my horizons. This type of research gets the juices flowing and as an unpublished novelist, I need all the juices I can get! Even if I was to delete it out of my novel without looking back, it did broaden my horizons.

That bit of writing is unto itself, research material. I could no more delete it as could throw away one of the books on the topic I bought with my hard earned money. It is writing I would not be able to recreate simply sitting down and typing.

I made a cuts.docx file and off it will go.

I bumped into my inner capacity to recall the main details of my cuts due to the complexity of the details involved. That tells me two things. One, I have never done a bit of writing as I have in Bunny Trouble. It is unique. How exciting!

Two, I excite easily.


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